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Previously we have lost a lot of information when exchanging mobile phones or have spent a lot of time trying to recover the data we had on previous cell phones , there are currently many ways to create backups or save photos or videos in the cloud of our device.

Likewise, these backup copies can be performed in different ways depending on the brand of your mobile. One of the things that worries us the most is freeing up internal storage space or losing a lot of the data we have on our mobile. It is important not to wait for the phone to fail make these backups .

Keeping your files safe should be a priority and for this reason many operating systems were tasked with implement backups and not only on mobile phones, but you can also perform automatic backups from your PC. Nowadays it is important that whatever equipment has this fantastic mode you can do, even from your PC.

How to delete, remove or delete a Samsung account from my phone

As well as it has many benefits, what really happens if one day we want to delete this account from our phone , we just have to follow some necessary steps. The reasons may vary if you want to change equipment or just reset your Samsung mobile you can delete this account.

To cancel the account you must be connected to the internet and have the basic data that is requested of you, such as password or mobile number , the first thing you should do is go to settings, account and then enter the Samsung account after clicking on More and select Delete account. Proceed with entering your password and your account will be deleted.

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There is a case that could request two-step verification , but this step would be to get a password for your mobile number that you registered and then enter it. It is important that you know that all the steps are for your safety and the reliability of your data, the security of your information is what the Samsung account system wants to protect.

What is the Samsung account for?

Likewise, this system allows you to make backup copies to restore your data. If you already have created an account in the Samsung account, the step to take would be to log in and perform the steps to restore the backed up data.

Very useful tools have been implemented in mobile phones, such as this mode, in addition to everything, allows you to erase data from your device , search or even block.

Although if you don't need a block in general, there is an option to block a specific webpage on Android, this is it an ideal option if it is a website that we no longer want to see or that somehow intervened in your navigation.

L' Samsung account subscription it allows you to use it for free and in the same way you can enjoy the services they offer, TV, websites and so much more. Another option it allows us is to download applications via Galaxy apps.

We cannot fail to mention an important point, if when you want to enter it you forget your password, it is not difficult to regain access, because from Samsung in a simple way. Since on the platform we are presented with the possibility of regaining access to our device.

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How do I know the Samsung account on my mobile?

We are usually busy or a little distracted by that we forget which account we are using on our mobile, but it can be discovered easily.

recover our identity from Samsung we have to go into the settings and download the cloud and account option. Select the accounts and add the account, then click Samsung Account and click to find the ID.

The next step would be to click if you have forgotten your ID or password and proceed with the necessary data. Then click on search ID and just so you use the information it provides to log into your account.

After becoming so addicted to technology, we want to know everything about our mobiles. Samsungs are widely used today, these mistakes can lead us to delete our Samsung account from our phone . However, as you have seen, it is a very simple process.

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