How to delete WhatsApp conversations/chats along with your media files

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WhatsApp is the application of messaging Most importantly today, most of the conversations people have through their cell phones happen in this medium, so it's common for too many files to be stored, making it necessary to free up space from time to time. This is why you may be interested in knowing how to delete WhatsApp conversations/chats along with your media files.

How to delete WhatsApp conversations/chats along with their media files

Indeed the importance of WhatsApp it is undeniable, in any case it is true that over time files accumulate which gradually fill the space of our mobile phones, this is where it is advisable to cancel conversations and chats.

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    It is normal that when talking to many people on our WhatsApp, we accumulate a lot of data that does not interest us. There comes a time when it becomes necessary delete them , this is the case with many photos or videos. Here you will learn different methods to delete these documents. However, there are many people who choose to hide their WhatsApp conversations without deleting them, but this time we're going to show you how to delete them along with their media files.

    Delete files from a specific chat

    The process to delete chats is quite simple , it could also be very convenient to free up space from our internal memory. If you are not sure how to delete a particular chat, including its files, follow these steps:

        Permanently delete all WhatsApp files

        This is the most recommended option if you want to free up more space possible on your system. Through this method you will delete all multimedia files from WhatsApp chats. Before proceeding, please note that this option is not reversible.

        If you want to delete all WhatsApp files follow these instructions:

          By completing the above process, all the multimedia files that you had in WhatsApp will be permanently deleted from your system, freeing up that much-needed space. It should be noted that in case you have lost some important information in one of your deleted conversations, you can get it back easily.

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