How to delete WhatsApp status with any Android or iPhone mobile phone (example)

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Many of us have a tendency to post a large number of WhatsApp statuses. At parties, with friends or simply at the daily activities we do. But let's face it, there are times, after sharing something, that we openly regret it, that's why we will see here how to delete WhatsApp statuses.

Although states have the feature to automatically delete after 24 hours, we can't wait that long on those occasions. Quiet, everything has a solution and can be done with any Android or iPhone mobile.

Before we begin, I want to confess something. The truth is, there are some unofficial applications with the function of save all the statuses that the contacts publish . This means that if one of your additions to WhatsApp makes use of these apps, it will be impossible to clear the status of your phone once it is published.

Don't be discouraged, hardly anyone uses these programs, but you better take them into account.

At the beginning of the article, we said that sometimes we decide to remove the already published statuses due of some kind of regret, but it could be due to posts we didn't intentionally do.

Obviously, compared to those people who have already seen your WhatsApp status, there is no going back. He will only be prevented from seeing it again; In case they have taken screenshots, they will not be removed from your device.

From this point you all you need is your cell phone , obviously with the WhatsApp application already installed. You can do this if your smartphone uses the work operating Android or if it uses iOS , indistinctly.

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What is a WhatsApp status?

The so-called WhatsApp statuses are images, videos or gifs, which the user can share (if desired), for up to 24 hours. After this period, the status will be cleared automatically . But if you don't have the application installed yet you can do it

There is no limit to the number of instructions that can be entered. They will be grouped into a thread that your contacts can pass through (provided you have selected them to see your status).

L' only impediment is the duration of the videos: they will have a maximum of 30 seconds, which will be solved, if you want, by putting more fragments of a long video in the WhatsApp status.

Other apps with states

While i WhatsApp statuses are used by millions of people, there are also other alternatives on different social networks, which act in a similar way. One example is Instagram Stories and Messenger Stories, which work pretty much the same way

With some different details, the three (WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger) are from owned by the renowned company Facebook .

How to delete WhatsApp statuses with any mobile phone?

The steps to permanently delete a WhatsApp status are very simple. This method works both for states that have already been published and for those that have presented an error while loading.

You will need to have your mobile device in hand, with the Whastaap messaging app installed . Furthermore, it is logically necessary that you have one or more statuses already published. You can create a trial version to learn.

In opening the application, the first screen shows us is that of chat, but we want to switch to the STATES window. To achieve this, you will swipe your finger from right to left. When you do, you will be in the right place, take it easy.

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Now, at the top, where it says "my status", you will see three dots aligned horizontally on the right. By clicking on this section, the list of our states will be displayed.

The only thing left is keep pressed what we want to eliminate e choose the trash bin icon . It should be noted that it is possible to delete several states at the same time, if you select them before pressing the icon.

Another way to delete your states would be by pressing on the one you want to remove (without holding, just a tap). Then, swipe your finger from the bottom up and, in the box that appears, press the trash can.

Before deleting, you will be prompted for confirmation, to prevent you from doing it accidentally.

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