How to directly share or pass Facebook videos on WhatsApp

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Sharing is essentially something attractive and useful within messaging and social networking applications. Indeed, it is one of the factors that increases the interaction between users.

All this means that the platform is increasingly used. Facebook and WhatsApp are examples of this. If you want to learn a directly share Facebook videos on WhatsApp , you can find out here.

These platforms are positioned as the most used in the world. When WhatsApp is part of Facebook, the functions are linked with which it will be easier to share content.

    Facebook and WhatsApp

    As you surely know, these two platforms have been owned by different companies for many years. However, for 2014, Facebook has announced the purchase of WhatsApp.

    A lot has been speculated on from the purchase. But the truth is that WhatsApp, as far as possible, has kept its autonomy. Only in the last few years have some link functions begun to be seen. For example, when you upload a status to your WhatsApp, you can also share it on Facebook .

    Constant growth

    WhatsApp is the instant messaging application most used in the world. It surpasses the scandalous figure of two billion active users. All this despite it was believed that the purchase of Facebook could have a negative influence. The truth is that the application has not stopped growing and has established itself as the most used.

    For its part, Facebook has long been the social network of choice for millions of users around the world. Competition is fierce and many have migrated mainly to Instagram and Twitter.

    However, Facebook got the credit to reposition itself as one of the most used social networks . Especially for the advertising tools it has implemented for corporate accounts. Something that, over time, would extend to Instagram, also owned by Facebook.

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    How to directly share or pass Facebook videos on WhatsApp?

    There are so many features and utilities provided by the new updates to these two platforms ... it is not uncommon for us to lose one! One of these has to do, in fact, with the sharing or direct passage of Facebook videos on WhatsApp.

    Exchange links from Android

    The way you can directly share or pass Facebook videos on WhatsApp it varies depending on where you do it . For Android users, there is a feature called "Swap Link". To access this function, you need to:

      With these steps, you might not just send a Facebook video via WhatsApp to a contact. But you could even upload it to your WhatsApp status and simply share it with everyone you know.

      And for iOS and PC?

      For those who want to share Facebook videos on WhatsApp directly with iOS ... there is bad news! And it is that, unfortunately, this feature is not enabled for Apple users .

      This means that you need to use the traditional copy and paste formula of the video link to share it with other contacts. An operation that, although it is still effective, may be less attractive.

      The same goes for those who use Facebook and WhatsApp from their computer . The web versions of these platforms do not have this functionality, so they must also resort to copying and pasting the link of the video to be shared.

      Nothing prevents you from sharing content!

      Whether it's for educational, entertainment or informational purposes, sharing content is very important. An alternative of not copying and pasting the link of a video, it might be to find a way to download them. This will make it much easier to send it to a contact or upload it to your state for all to see.

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