How to disable and fix screen overlay error on Android

It can cause us a lot of intrigue and even annoyance about what a detected screen overlay is, the same one that certainly throws your Android at some point and they don't know why it's due. It is one of the reasons to always be informed about the solutions for these types of errors, because there is a way to disable and end overlap error .

How to disable and fix screen overlay error on Android

Probably at some point this warning appears on the screen that screen overlay has been enabled in android , let's try to close it quickly and exit without reading that even in that same window we are given the way to deactivate it. In this content we will provide you step by step so that you can activate and solve the overlay error on the screen of Android, whatever model of mobile you have at the moment.

The permissions we grant to the application can be completely disabled as well as, for example, we can activate Facebook notifications on an overlay screen. One of the advantages that the Android phone offers us is the possibility of configuring it and completely personalizing it to our liking.


    What is called a screen overlay?

    In some applications there are certain configurations that in order to use it, certain permissions are granted to it, on our data or on our system. A clear and brief example of this can be when we use Facebook Messenger, but you must take into account that you have accepted some series of conditions of use at the beginning of use. It was probably too long and we just accepted without reading it.

    In the case of this app, the conversation bubbles that appear on the screen, this is what we call a screen overlay. But the problem is not there but when we are enjoying another application and this application activates that screen . That is why we find ourselves in the need to disable and find the solution for the screen overlay error on any Android device.

    But they are also options that can be changed by putting the phone in airplane mode or the device in night mode where you don't get any kind of screen overlay or notifications.

    Way to disable and fix screen overlay error on Android

    We will probably see the announcement when we want to try, run or install a new app . We will get a note saying “screen overlay detected”. It is quite useful since the warning refers to the fact that an application could be capturing our data right now, exposing it to a potential risk.

    In this way we will have to turn off screen overlay like follows:

    Step 1:

    We need to go to the phone settings.

    Step 2:

    So we will meet in the applications option.

    Step 3:

    Where we will get a cogwheel at the top and press.

    Step 4

    This way we can log in to special access.

    Step 5

    To then be able to click where it says show on other applications.

    Step 6

    After this is ready, we proceed to turn off the screen overlay of the application that is giving problems.

    • Normally there are some devices such as the case of samsung j5 that has very recurring problems and among them is this one. In any case, this is the solution for any Android device regardless of the make or model.

    In this way we can continue, with the installation of the application that we are trying to run before receiving this warning from the overlay screen. It should already be installed normally, in case the notification pops up again, it's needed disable all applications that use overlay permissions.

    This should be done in step number 6 and after installing the other application and trying again, you can go through the whole process and grant overlay permissions again. As this will allow you to use the other applications normally again.

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