How to disable chat microphone and bookmarks in Apex Legends

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It can be annoying to be in a good match of Apex Legends and hear all participants speak or send notifications at the same time. So you want to learn how to disable chat microphone and bookmarks?

If you still don't know Apex Legends; We recommend it for its fun and versatility. You can play it on PS4, Xbox and PC; although you must first create an EA Origins account to play Apex Legends. After that you can download Apex Legends for free for PC in full Spanish or download it on other platforms.

How to mute the microphone and chat bookmarks in Apex Legends | PS4, Xbox or PC

In the case of the PS4 platform, you must first create and verify your Playstation Network account on the PS4, in order to search for Apex Legends and download it. But that's the topic of another article.

Today, in this post we will teach you how disable the microphone of the chat and bookmarks in Apex Legends for PS4, Xbox or PC. Apex Legends is a team game, so we will also teach you how to adjust the audio volume in Apex Legends with Play Station 4, Xbox or PC.

How can you disable chat microphone and bookmarks in Apex Legends?

In the middle of the Apex Legends game, you may have thought about the option to turn off audio chat or markers to get notifications, as it could be boring.

If you think this will stop you from receiving instructions from players on your platoon or squad, no problem; since the same video game will emit a standard voice message , or you have the option to simply leave the bookmark function activated.

Did you know that by being in the game, from the moment you are on the ship to jump on the island, until the end of your game or until you win, you can deactivate and activate many times the microphone of the chat and indicators? Soon we will show you how to do this with Play Station 4, Xbox or for PC.

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What are the steps to disable squad player microphone and markers in Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox or PC?

  • In Play Station 4 click the button "Option"; click the button "menu" on Xbox and "TAB" key on PC.
  • Go to the tab "Platoon" , there you will be able to see all the participants in the platoon and choose for whom to disable the microphone and the indicators.
  • Found at the bottom of each attendee's profile photo, in some cases there are two or three icons, just click icon of microphone , will the message "silent voice" and you will deactivate it; The icon with a small red "X" will appear, so this participant will not be able to send you messages or voice chats.
  • Finally, if you want to turn off the markers, right next to it to the icon of the microphone is the marker icon , just click there to deactivate it; The message "mute marker" and you will also see a red "X" above the icon.

What are the steps to permanently disable squad participant microphone and markers in Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox or PC?

  • Go to Settings , Settings or Settings.
  • Now select the "Audio" section , set the voice chat volume to level 0.

How to adjust audio volume in Apex Legends with Play Station 4, Xbox or PC?

  • Go to Settings, Configuration or Settings.
  • Now go to the tab "Sound".
  • In the "volume of dialogues" you can scale the sound to the percentage you want; although in games like these, it would be better to turn it down to avoid hearing very loud sounds. This way they will not interfere with your development and you will follow the instructions during the game.
  • In the "volume of music" , as well as in the "volume of music in the lobby" you can also do the same thing as with the volume of the dialogues; to the degree to lower them to the level you like.
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Now that you know how disable the chat microphone ei Bookmarks in Apex Legends; you will surely notice a big difference when you play. This way you will save yourself bad moments and have more fun with your games. At worst, you can always come across other games similar to Apex Legends or Fortnite for PC and other platforms.

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