How to disable Ok Google on Android phones: quick and easy

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Ok Google is the voice search system of the Google browser, this assistant allows you to use the search engine via questions or questions developed aloud . This is a good browser strategy, as users can use it even with their hands full. We explain how this assistant works and its functions

With this assistant you can make searches easier and faster. Ok Google is was designed to respond using voice commands. In turn, this tool is available in Google's Chrome search engines and Maps, updated to the latest version.

Likewise, Google home mini and Google home devices already have this tool built in. It should be noted that any device that works with the Google search engine and has a built-in microphone can have the Google Assistant ok.

Know the steps to disable ok Google on Android

Mainly it should be said that for many people this tool is inconvenient and they are looking for a way to turn it off, which is why we will explain the steps to get it below.

First of all you must know that deactivating this service is simple, you just need to know what is the correct procedure to obtain it. It is not easy to identify the deactivation method, because the settings are not found on the device but in the options offered by the Google application.

You have to go to the app drawer mobile and open the Google application installed on your Android device. The same can be easily identified, as it has the Capital G . You will then be able to see the option "Other" which is the one to select and it will take you to "settings" .

This option will open another window where you can see a menu and you need to select the option "vocal section" . It will guide you to another menu where you will need to search for the Ok Google related command that is "Voice Match" , this is recognized as the system settings category.

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By clicking on this section you will see options for "activate or deactivate Ok Google" at that moment you can disable the option and this service will automatically stop working on the Android device.

Remember that when you deactivate the Ok Google service, you will no longer be able to activate the device via voice command when the screen is off. Therefore, it is a simple procedure that you can do in a short time and you can get it if you follow the given steps correctly.

Discover the functions of Ok Google

Services on Android devices work through Google and lead mainly the Ok Google service activated without the user having configured it. For this reason, the phone always listens to what it hears.

At the same time, technology is advancing by leaps and bounds today, which is why the devices have built-in tools that make life easier for users. Because through this they can access the pages they want only using their voice. But this process is inconvenient for many users, so they look for a way to disable it.

It should be noted that this assistant has multiple uses , you can ask various questions such as: where is a good sushi restaurant located? What will the weather be like? Among other questions you want to ask.

This assistant can also be put to the test if you ask for example "Ok Google, what can you do?" And it will answer you with suggestions and also show you a list of its functions.

In short, having these tools is a plus, as you'll only use your voice to ask the questions you want. However, we understand that for many users this option can be inconvenient and they prefer to turn it off, if you follow these tips correctly you will be able to get it and thus you will be able to carry out your searches manually.

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Finally, it should be noted that Google is increasingly committed to developing applications that contribute to technological evolution . But not only this, but they also help the human being in daily activities, managing to carry them out in a more dynamic, fun and simple way.

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