How to disable or disable mobile data when connected to a Wi-Fi network

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Currently the smartphones have become extremely useful for using the internet as they provide incredible and popular effectiveness. Only data activation is required to perform this process; however, you will surely ask yourself this question How can I disable or disable mobile data when I connect to a WiFi network?

In this sense, to know the answer to the question posed, it will be useful to know what the function of wireless networks is and the respective steps for their correct use. Either way, below you will find the tools you need to disconnect or disable mobile data when connecting to a WiFi network.

    How to disable mobile data when connecting to a WiFi network

    To know how to disable or disable mobile data when you connect to a WiFi network, you need to apply the steps presented below:

      How to configure the connection of the mobile phone to optimize it to the maximum

      If you want to have a better experience on your mobile with data connection, you may find some tips that we will give you below , all to get more out of it and save the consumption of the data plan and with which device works normally.

      You should have the applications you use the most as a priority , that is, those that are essential for your work, study or routine activity. Many users agree that they prefer the following apps: WhatsApp, Messenger, Mobile Browser, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, etc ...

      On the other hand, you should know in which of these lists you consider the ones you use the most and consume the large amount of data; so you will have to limit some functions in it and also the execution of other applications without any importance. This means that you have to go to the mobile data functions and let it work for some apps that you don't have to use.

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      You can also put your mobile in airplane mode when you are not using it and you don't want anyone to interrupt you while you work or study, be it at home, in the office or elsewhere; or if for example you are at a business meeting or presenting an important work, this option is very useful.

      Also, try disabling the applications that are in the background and you don't use them, these are generally the ones that consume your data the most. It should be noted, we present a list of platforms that spend your mega plan very quickly and that you should avoid using it when you don't have access to Wi-Fi:

        Find out how to restrict mobile data

        At the moment, many users complain that the data plan they have contracted from the company for their sims does not work for the set time (usually a month); but on the contrary it runs out unquestionably fast , forcing them to have to make additional top-ups to be connected.

        For this reason, you we will teach in a simple way what you should do to make mobile data produce as much as you want and you can fully enjoy it. As a first option you have to 'limit the use of mobile data', which comes in the settings of your mobile.

        If you want to activate it you have to go to the settings / configurations of the phone, then go to the data connection or mobile data, once there you will see some options and statistics on the use of data and the departure date and end the month of use. Scroll up and see that the option to limit data appears, press on it and voila, it will be activated immediately.

        You can also disable the "background data" function which applies to platforms that require limited use of data, but which also increase consumption. In addition to this, you can prevent applications you use less from being included for data usage; this is done by the data settings.

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        Last but not least, we recommend activating the function that says 'ultra data saving' ; With it, you can spend far less data than you want and it will ask you for permission to use some applications and even app functions.

        Advantages of disabling mobile data

        Mobile data is the wireless internet connection from wherever you are, activating or deactivating it varies according to the needs you have and where you are. But if we consider disabling this feature a positive thing, we present a list of some advantages it offers:

        • Save the data
        • Allow applications not to interrupt
        • You disconnect from the digital world
        • You don't feel the pressure of some notifications or messages
        • Help you focus on other physical activities
        • It drains the battery of the device
        • Nobody will disturb you through the apps
        • You will be able to extend your data usage for longer

        Find out how wireless networks work and the role they play in this type of procedure

        Knowing a little about wireless networks is very important to understand the whole process of connecting and disconnecting data and WiFi networks. Well, it comes down to how electronic devices are capable of transmit information or make known connections but without the use of any type of cable; all this thanks to modern technology.

        In this sense, the importance of making wireless connections is precisely that they allow a lot of freedom of movement, but without losing efficiency.

        However, some of these technologies in the devices they work via infrared waves and radiofrequency; Knowing all this, it will be easier for you to understand how to disable mobile data to use a WiFi network.

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        How to make your phone work as a router

        When focusing on how to disable or disable mobile data when connecting to a WiFi network, you should also consider the Router feature. For this reason it is important that you know how to use your mobile phone as a Wifi Router; Since with this you will get other devices to have the internet offered by your phone, if you want to do it you can do it in the following way.

          Learn the steps to create a quick and easy access point

          If you want to turn off mobile data when you connect to a WiFi network, always try to make sure you have a reliable access point . For you to understand better, the steps to create a WiFi access point in Windows 10 are shown below:

          • Connect your Windows 10 PC to Internet with Ethernet cable .
          • Get two WiFi cards to start the access point.
          • Then 'Download and install the WiFi network driver'.
          • Convert a bridge between Ethernet, Internet and the two cards, via 'Network and Internet Settings', 'Bridge Connections'.
          • Finally, Windows will start the configuration with a new Ethernet connection 3 , where the respective access point must be configured, and that's it.

          To conclude, you will already know how to turn off mobile data when you connect to a Wi-Fi network, as the same procedure is followed in almost all devices. In case your smartphone is Samsung and you want to know how to share mobile data, enter its official portal and follow the steps.

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