How to disable or prevent Spotify auto start in Windows 10?

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If you have installed the Spotify application on your computer, it will most likely start automatically with Windows 10. Fortunately, it is possible to modify the startup of this system. Therefore, we recommend that you read this article with which you will learn How to disable Spotify auto start in Windows 10?

How to disable or prevent Spotify from starting automatically in Windows 10

What is Spotify?

Spotify is a platform that allows you to listen to free music without having to download it. This service was created by the Swedish company Spotify AB in 2006 and currently has different plans according to the needs of its users.

The Spotify service has a high popularity level despite strong competition. This is because the Spotify platform has a large catalog of songs. In addition, it is available for PCs, smartphones and tablets. If you use this application on your PC, it is convenient that you learn how to update Spotify to the latest version for free, as this way you will be able to enjoy all the news of this useful platform.

What is Spotify for?

Spotify is used to search, find and listen to any type of music. The platform offers high quality digital music and replaces illegal music downloads on the web.

How does Spotify work?

Spotify works as a streaming service available to computers from the web browser and through the application we can download to PC and mobile devices.

Once the user logs into the application, they must register with a password and email. Reason why you need to create or have a Spotify account. So, you have to choose a plan that can be "Free" to listen to free music with some restrictions or "Premium" for access all the songs in the catalog and be able to save them if you want to listen to music offline.

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How to disable Spotify auto start in Windows 10?

If you have the Spotify application installed on your computer and it automatically starts with Windows 10, the boot process may slow down . For this reason, we recommend that you disable Spotify auto-start through the steps we explain below.

Disable Spotify auto start on Windows

To disable Spotify automatic start in Windows 10, you need to go to the start menu, type msconfig in the search engine and press the "Enter" key. Immediately, you will see the window "System configuration" showing several tabs.

Select the " Windows Start "and click" Open Task Manager. "The interface will present you with a list of applications that automatically start with the system.

Locate the Spotify application

It's time to locate the Spotify application in the list of programs that start automatically . Once found, press the right mouse button and choose the "Disable" option. Close the window and restart your computer.

Download the CCleaner app

The application CCleaner is a great tool to manage the startup of our operating system. For this reason, we recommend that you download, update and install CCleaner on your PC. To do this, download the app from CCleaner's official website. Next, locate the installation file and run it. If you already have this tool, check if you have the latest version.

Change the Windows startup

Open the CCleaner program and locate the option group to select "Tools". To the right of the window you will find several sections. Choose "Start" to have CCleaner list the sections where an automatic program start occurs. Go to "Windows" and click "Spotify". Finally, hit the "Deactivate" button.

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Disable Spotify Auto Start in Windows 10

You can disable the Spotify auto start in Windows 10 via its own menu. To do this, go to the "Edit" menu and click "Preferences". In the new window locate and click the "Show Advanced Settings" button. Then, you will see a group of options from which you have to select "Start and Window".

Find the option "Automatically open Spotify when computer starts" e change the state "Minimized" to "No". This way, Spotify won't start automatically when Windows 10 starts up.

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