How to disable or remove DiDi notifications on my Android or iPhone step by step

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Our smartphones also tend to communicate with us, yes believe it or no, they communicate to us via notifications, in the status bar or floating. These are represented with icons depending on the application.

Learn how to disable DiDi notifications on Android or iOS mobile devices

Sometimes you alerts about something in particular on the phone and you don't know what it refers to, that's why it's important to find out what you're communicating to us. The truth is that this method is not new, since its inception has been notified. It is important to find out what happens on our phone.

In most cases when these notifications arrive it can be a little annoying or if we want to get away from virtual reality we can do this by disabling all notifications on our Android device. However it is a simple process.

There is also the possibility that during the day you want to be aware of the notifications but at night this is not the case. If so, you can turn on Do Not Disturb mode. Likewise, here you will learn more about DiDi notifications.

    Notification history

    Sometimes we don't have enough time for it see the notifications that come to us and let's just slide them from our status bar. Many times, if we have a lot of notifications, the list gets long, so it would be ideal for you to access the notification history on Android and iPhone.

    Many have been guided by the false theory that you will not be able to later on see your mobile notifications but this is totally untrue, there is this way we can inform us of notifications if any pass unnoticed.

    Another thing we can change from the notification center option is configure where we want them to appear . There is the lock screen that on many occasions usually appears there but we can configure all of this if it is to your liking.

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    Website notifications

    Our mobiles are integrated with many notifications by default and many of them we don't need or know how to change them, so it happens when we enter a browser. When we enter these sites looking for information many times yes is about misleading advertising or notifications that cause annoyance.

    The first thing to do to block these notifications is to open the browser and look for the notifications on the right in the three points on the right side, and click on Site Settings, then click on Notifications.

    The next thing you should do is click on the section for block pop-up notifications . After that, you will no longer receive notifications from these sites. Note that after changing these settings it may ask you to log in to the site and you can also re-enable them if you wish.

    Another thing that can be highlighted is that we can change the notifications of individual applications, mainly the nostri social network they are the most demanding to receive notifications but we can change them. We can turn Instagram notifications on or off.

    These social networks and high entertainment are very successful, but we are not always cool or have enough time to review them. If we have a traditional job it is good to disable them.

    These notifications are important but when we want to go on a trip otherwise they are not that relevant. It is good that you make sure that what communicating may be more important to you . Likewise, notifications are always frequent.

    There are two ways to disable DiDi in notifications two ways because they are two different operating systems.

    In some cases the disabling DiDi notifications turns out to be very useful as notifications in this application are quite common and also long. So in some cases it is preferable to disable them and in this way contribute to the optimization of our mobile phone.

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    For this we can stop allowing notifications to appear of specific sites or news or select the option so that they stop appearing completely. This in one way or another prevents us from having on our devices those notifications that in some cases contain unnecessary messages. For this reason, it is necessary to define our goal to be achieved from the very beginning, as this will facilitate the process of blocking notifications.

    In Android

    Disabling DiDi notifications on our Android device allows us to keep the our cell phone a little clearerregarding storage space. However, it is important to note that if we want to block them, in some cases this can be harmful when we become aware of the availability or new places that can be reached with this app. Despite this, this procedure is quite simple and if you follow the steps correctly you can get rid of the headache. Because this app turns out to be quite useful for its users as by simply downloading it to your device you can have vehicles and taxis available to your liking. What will obviously become a shortcut when you take a means of transport or go out to carry out your daily activities.

    We will explain first for the android system, the first thing you need to do is enter the configuration of your mobile. The next thing you should do is look for the sounds and notifications section, being in this section proceed to click on app notifications and we will find and choose the DiDi application and proceed to disable notifications.

    Your iOS

    Having the DiDi application on your iOS device also allows you to have access to means of transport in an easier way to share your travels with trusted people. This will allow you to travel a little safer and the fares are generally lower than the competition.

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    Despite this, with DiDi you can have access to a safety button which you can use in dangerous situations. It also has a support line available 24 hours a day. And you have it at your disposal, with just one click. Other than that, its payment methods are quite flexible, but if its constant notifications tend to annoy you with a few simple steps you can block them.

    If it is required on an iPhone device, what you should do is also go to settings and also notifications and select the DiDi application . The difference is that in that section you will click on turn off notifications. You will have quickly disabled these notifications.

    However, it is important to note that if we want to block them, in some cases this it can be harmful when we become aware of the availability or new places that can be reached with this app.

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