How to disable or remove Google Now Launcher on my Windows or Android PC

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There are a variety of free launchers for device customization. However, many users think that Google Now Launcher is invasive and puts their security at risk. If you share this idea, we recommend that you read this article in which we explain how to disable or remove Google Now Launcher on my Windows or Android PC

What is Google Now Launcher?

Like installing Pixel Launcher, Google Now Launcher is an application that is used to add certain features to the device from the home screen of the operating system.

This way you can see new application shortcuts and configure widget visibility. It also allows access to various content of interest to the user thanks to the tools offered by Google.

How does Google Now Launcher work?

Google Now Launcher is not used to customize an Android mobile phone like other launchers, but it collects all the information you are looking for to bring you the best content. In this regard, Google Now is responsible for identifying the most frequent searches, the use made of the "Calendar" application and the places visited by the smartphone user.

Therefore, the Google Now launcher develops an algorithm that establishes user preferences and presents them with various content of interest. Google Now works via the command "Ok Google" and give it Google settings showing a wizard that collects your location, searches and how you plan your daily activities.

Chiudi Google Now Launcher su PC Windows o Android

Like other launchers, Google Now allows the user to have a better experience with their device. To do this, you need to install a launcher, configure it according to your preferences and activate the tools provided by the launcher developers .

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Currently, Android is quite versatile, so you may want to remove Google Now because you don't need it anymore. Here are the steps to follow to stop using Google's "Now" platform.

Disable or remove Google Now Launcher on your Windows PC

If you wish protect your privacy from your Windows PC, we recommend that you disable Google Now Launcher. To achieve this, access the notification panel located at the bottom right of the screen.

There, select the "Manage Notifications" option or the gear icon and proceed to disable "Google Now". This will disable Google Now on your system.

Disable Google Now and Google Chrome

Enter the Google Chrome browser and click on the three horizontal bars at the top right. Then, choose the "Settings" and "Search" option. Finally, remove the "Ok Google" feature that you will find right after the privacy options.

Disable or remove Google Now Launcher on Android

If you no longer want to use the Google Now launcher on your mobile device, you need to sign in to "Google Search" and press the three dots commonly found at the bottom right of the screen.

Next, select "Settings" and locate the "Google Now" option. Slide the switch to disable the launcher. Make sure you disable the location history and confirm the changes. In this way you will protect your privacy.

Does Google Now Launcher really violate my privacy?

Google Now provides various services and features which can be very useful for users. However, many users have claimed that this platform accesses their emails and delivers airline-related advertising by synchronizing with the calendar.

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Even some IT experts claim that Google Now intercepts conversations between users even when there is no connection with direct searches. Some companies have alerted the community by informing that Google markets their users' information with advertising companies .

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