How to disable Priority Inbox in Windows 10?

Disable the Priority Post in Windows 10 in effective way. This quote may seem silly, but knowing this operating system feature will help make your life much more comfortable, whether you work a lot with your email or not.

With the integration of an email application for Windows 10, a lot has changed, now you can manage all your emails from a single location.

How to disable priority mail in windows 10

However, not all features are equally useful for all people and this is the case with the new Windows personalized mailbox.

      Set up your mail application in 1 minute

      Before turning off Priority Inbox in Windows 10, be sure to fix the "application not starting" error if necessary.

      Logically, this new integrated application must be first configured, this shouldn't even take 5 minutes. It's very simple, the first thing is to go to the start and write your mail in the search bar.

      Or just open the start, then click on the link of the same name (a blue rectangle with a white envelope inside).

      When you are already inside it will ask you to "Add a new email account" , then you just have to choose the type of account and place it. It should be noted that since this is a built-in Windows 10 application, it is best to enter a Microsoft account.

      Check to allow the program in your Windows 10 firewall if that happens and find your Windows server product key as a precaution.

      By entering this Microsoft account, the automatic replies and security options within the integrated mail will be fully activated.

      The characteristics of this email are: being able to download formats and images that have been attached and also being able to group conversations.

      Also decide whether to mark an opened email as read, set a signature on your emails, configure different notifications for each account.

      And last but not least, configure whether you want the email to be received appears in the notification panel or as a pop-up window in the form of a banner.

      You can turn off Priority Mail in Windows 10

      After gaining the above knowledge, now you can disable the Windows 10 mail priority inbox. This is not a separate feature, it is only provided in the same Windows 10 mail which was added later and its feature The main thing is to separate normal emails from those that are priority.

      This is done by the same Windows integrated mail , separates messages into two tabs, one called " Mass in focus " and the other " Other ". The discrimination on which one will stand on each side occurs following certain parameters, such as the number of messages received from that person.

      Also the number of times you spoke to someone in the last time, among others. So Windows prioritizes the people it thinks are essential in your daily life.

      This function is very good, but like everything it has its drawbacks, since there are many people who receive more than 100 emails a day, seeing the flow of conversations hampered by the discrimination of the program, which is why it is necessary to deactivate it in many cases .

      To turn off the priority mail of Windows 10 mail, you need to go to " Settings ", this section is reached by pressing the gear symbol at the beginning. Once in this section, select " Reading ” and then click on the account to which the function will be removed.

      If you did everything right, all you have to do is deactivate the “Priority or other” option and that way they shouldn't be organized in any way anymore, just the one you want (tabs are deleted).

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