How to disenchant weapons or items in Minecraft? - Remove spells from my items

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The Minecraft video game is one of the longest-running and most successful around (you can get it from their store). With millions of users bringing us to life, it makes sense that more and more people want to know how this title works completely. That's why you will see today how to disenchant weapons or items in Minecraft in way so simple you won't believe it.

And, as this is a title that updates almost monthly, adding content such as new items, better weapons and different scenarios, it was obvious that many players just entering their world would get lost. But that's not why you have to give up, as in Minecraft there is always a way even if what you want is to eliminate spells and spells.

How to Disenchant Weapons or Items in Minecraft - Remove spells from my items

    Disenchant weapons or items in Minecraft

    To get straight to the point, the first thing you should know is that it is completely possible to disenchant weapons or items in Minecraft and most importantly, it does not require a third party Mod.

    The way to do this is through the grindstone, an item that was added to the game in Update 1.14. This allows you to quickly disenchant items and the procedure to do so is very simple, you just have to follow the following steps:

    Build it

    Logically, the first thing to do is to construct the object, this is achieved in the "Work table" , you just have to place these materials within the nine spaces: two wooden blocks (any), two wooden sticks and a stone slab.

    Once you have them all you have to put them in a specific order which is, in the upper left corner a stick and under this a block of wood, right next to the stick in the second column you place the slab, then in the third and last column another stick and under it a block of wood and that's it.

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    Take it

    This step is optional. In case for some reason you don't have the above materials, you can find this item in the Gunsmith's House which is found in most of the villages. This object has a rock shape that resembles a vertical table, with two wooden sticks on the sides.

    Get it right

    When you already have your object, the next step is to place it, this is the simplest because it is placed like any other Minecraft block just by right clicking . This object can go both on the floor and on the walls and ceiling.

    To make it work

    Finally and once you have done all of the above, you just have to put the object to work, so to be able to disenchant weapons or objects in Minecraft.

    For this you just have to select it and place any enchanted object in one of the two squares that come out inside, this will immediately make the object come out. disenchanted in another more secluded box on the right side (when you grab it the spells will disappear).

    With that everything will be ready, but before doing that you have to consider some good and bad things. The good news is that it will return the experience you invested in the item that was enchanted, the bad thing is that it doesn't make any kind of distinction, so all spells will disappear.

    Also, negative spells like the Binding Curse don't disappear with this item, so it's impossible to remove them.

    Finally, you also need to know that this stone can also fix a pickaxe or diamond tools, iron, etc., you just have to put one on top of the other in each frame and accordingly (if they are of the same type), they will be fixed.

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    Taking this into account, you can say that you have learned to disenchant weapons or items in Minecraft, go and experiment with this innovative method so that you can get your items back to normal quickly and without any inconvenience.

    And if you want more information about spells, look at how many spells a bow, sword or armor can get and what each one is for, such as conductivity in Minecraft.

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