How to do advanced audio mixing in Premiere pro?

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Premier Pro is one of the best video editing programs that have ever been created. This is due to its simple interface, which allows novice users to create compositions that look like they come out of a pro's head (it's literally so easy to use, that some people manage to sync audio and video in one go, in just a few weeks). . Likewise, today you will learn how to do advanced audio mixing in Premiere pro.

And, as you read before, creating clips in this program is very simple. So much so that learning most of the tools and functions shouldn't take long. You just have to put effort and dedication into what you do and of course read tutorials like the one you are in today.

    Do advanced audio mixing in Premiere Pro

    The first thing to keep in mind to do advanced audio mixing in Premiere pro is that you must have already learned how to create a simple track. Because if you don't, you'll get lost in the processes you'll see here.

    If you are one of those who already know a little about the program (or at least have used it before) then welcome. Creating more advanced audio mixes than usual requires learning three things: submixing, track routing and mixing with fewer channels.

    The first you will see today will be the submixes. It is basically a track that combines different audio signals, starting from a specific track or sending it.

    They are called, the intermediate passage between the audio tracks and the master, they are very useful if you want to work with multiple tracks in the same way. An example of these is when audio effects, or identical sounds, are added to three tracks of a sequence that contains five. Allow the effect to be placed only once, instead of several, so the team won't be as forced.

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    To create them, in the timeline you have to choose the button " Sequence "at the top of the options tabs, then click "Add Track" . In the window that will appear, go to the section "Tracce submix audio" and set it as you wish, so do it click his " OK "and that's it. With this you already know one of the parts to solve the unknown How to create an advanced audio mix in Premiere pro?

    Remember that when you learn how to create and use presets or presets, you will be able to do all of the above with just a few clicks (so it is recommended that you search for information on this topic).

    Track routing with sends and mixes of fewer channels

    Now that you've learned the above, it's time for you to look at how to route a send track. These are used to route a track's signal to a submix, which in turn can route the processed signal to the master track or another submix.

    To do this, you have to go to the " Effects and Sends Panel " , and from there perform one of these two actions: the first, which will allow you to send a submix already created, is performed by clicking on the "Triangle to be sent selection of Assignments" and then selecting a submix from the menu.

    The second, which is used to create and send a submix, is by pressing the same triangle and choosing one of the options that appears to create said track. And voila, with that you can make an address. Finally, to solve the question How to do advanced audio mixing in Premiere pro? , you will see how to mix with fewer channels.

    This way the clip you create can be played in an audio engine that handles fewer channels than the track's.

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    If you want to do it, you have to go to the " Edition ", so " Pref Renze "and there choose between Windows or Mac audio. Regardless of which you choose, a window will appear where you can choose the 5.1 mix type in the menu and then click" Accept ".

    When you are done you can say that you have the basic knowledge to start creating a more advanced audio mix, now go to your program and let the magic begin. Remember that to complete this information you need to look for more tutorials that teach you how to reduce the weight of a video without losing quality or eliminating ambient noise from a recording, so that your projects look better.

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