How to double the screen or split the screen of a Samsung Galaxy A mobile phone - Samsung Multiscreen

Smartphones have evolved enormously over time, presenting year after year new and interesting specifications and functions that are ever more powerful than those of previous smartphones, adding all kinds of tools, applications, services and equipment, thus revealing themselves to be vital and important accessories. day.

Currently we can clarify with total certainty that the Android and iOS operating systems have in one way or another the top of the best mobile devices, as well as having the ability to provide almost the vast majority of terminals that we see on the market today. On the other hand, it is important to note that only one of these 2 is number 1 in sales across the planet. Exactly, this post is from android.

The Android system is commonly known for its great customization, it involves a number of tools, services and implements and of course its sleek and simple interface. As we can also say that many of the brands allied with this operating system offer the users mobile devices with quite high specifications and functionality a very reasonable prices.

This type of case is very common in extremely important and renowned companies such as Xiaomi, Huawei or even it is very present in the Motorola Moto series of devices. But there is no doubt that if we are to talk about a brand that offers variety, good quality in its terminals and reasonable prices, we have to name Samsung.

Next we will give one brief explanation on Samsung mobile devices , their variety of phones, and the occasional special feature seen in these terminals. So without further ado, follow us and discover all the data, information and details relating to this impressive brand present in the world of telephony.

    Samsung mobile devices and their series.

    Samsung is one of the companies pioneering the creation of smartphones , this over the years has had gigantic growth and wide recognition around the planet thanks to its multiplicity of terminals of all kinds of specifications and features, in addition to its alternatives in prices and tastes. Samsung has a wide range of low, medium and high-end mobiles.

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    Among this great multitude of mobile devices we can find several sagas denoted by Samsung, which differ in cost and characteristics. Within this series of phones we find the sagas Note, S saga, Tab saga, M saga, A saga and many others. Some of these are still in circulation within the market, but others have been suspended.

    Within each of these special series of Samsung terminals we can find a large list of mobile devices , which have been launched on the market over the years, creating new alternatives that are much more current in modern times by implementing new specifications and very popular features. mobile phones of the moment.

    One of the most recognized series from Samsung is the Samsung Galaxy A or Alpha series. This saga of mobile devices has been in existence since 2014 and its circulation of terminals continues without problems. This series is characterized by the offer of mid-range and high-end mobile phones to its users, this is one of the main reasons why this group of Samsung phones is still on the market.

    On which Samsung devices can split screen or multiscreen be used?

    The dual screen function has been a trend in various mobile devices, both iOS and Android, where the Samsung brand has a wide variety of mobile phones where it is allowed enable this option in so that its users get the most out of it while using their branded mobile phones. Among the models in which this can be done are the following categories.

    • Samsung Galaxy S = S10; S20; S21
    • Samsung Galaxy A = A01; A02; A10; A20; A30; A50; A70
    • Samsung Galaxy Z = Flip; Crease
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    How multiscreen works on Samsung devices

    Some time ago it was impossible to use two applications at the same time on your mobile; But in recent times, approx since 2017, he has been working on this function which has been very useful for mobile phone users, regardless of the brand and operating system they purchased.

    What this function specifically does is divide the phone screen into two exactly equal segments ; this way you can open an app in one half and another where it's left over. This was done to save time and allow users to feel more comfortable with their devices and also to save time while using their mobile.

    When it comes to Samsung mobile phones, the multiscreen works just like it does on other devices; However, the brand allows you to reduce or increase the size of each of the screens provided; In other words, that window is maximized or closed more than the other , depending on the utility you're giving an app or its priority.

    How to turn split screen on and off on my android mobile

    Now when you know something about this feature; you have to learn how to activate or deactivate on your mobile. In this case we will give you some simple instructions to do it using Android phones; since in all of these it is exactly the same procedure. To do this correctly there are two simple and effective methods .

    First you can go to where the open applications are "recent", from there press and hold an app and you can slide it to the top of the screen; this way the screen will be split and you can include another one at the bottom. Similarly while performing this function, you will see on the screen on the right side where it indicates 'split screen'.

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    The second option is different from the previous one, here the first thing is that you have to open the app you want to place at the top of the screen; Then click on its icon and you will get the option that says "share screen" , when you press there, the screen is split automatically, so you just have to choose the app that will go down and that's it.

    Finally, getting out of this function is very simple; on one side you can press the start button on your phone , of course if it does; If not, you just need to move the line dividing the screen completely in one direction (up or down); but it has to be done to the end and you will be left with the app you have chosen to expand.

    How to put the dual screen or split screen of a Samsung Galaxy A mobile?

    As we said earlier, the Samsung Galaxy A saga is recognized for being one of the most comprehensive of all, showing all kinds of tools and instruments. Within these we can find the dual screen mode that we will explain how to use di following.

    • Our first step to activate this mode will be to click on the navigation button where all the applications that are used at that moment will appear.
    • From here we will select one of these. Next a small menu will appear and from this list of options we will choose 'Open in split screen view'.
    • Now we can select which application we want to share the screen with and that's it. We will have the dual screen activated. We can also move the dividing line to choose the size of the vision.
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