How to download all my data and photos from my Instagram account from my mobile

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Surely at some point you asked yourself: "How can I download all my data and photos from my Instagram account from my mobile?" This is, in fact, something quite common among users who use this social network. Fortunately for you and many other people, the answer is here.

In this article you will find all the information you need for download all your data easily . But above all: without the need to install other applications and from your mobile.

There are many reasons to use Instagram

Instagram is one of the most important social networks in recent years. Year after year, functions and tools have been implemented that make this platform one of the most versatile . This is mainly due to the variety of its content.

Entertainment, stories, tips or products. What you need you will get it in this extraordinary social network. As mentioned above, the Downloading Instagram content is common among users .

However, it is equally common that to perform this action, they have to go to the download and installation of certain applications. Since, for security reasons, Instagram does not allow downloading of photos or videos from other accounts .

How to do it?

Instagram has an incredibly simple interface. Enough not to see the amazing options it saves. That's why, once you've aroused the curiosity to learn about the tools that Instagram keeps, you will be impressed.

Downloading all your data and photos from your Instagram account is one of those things that will leave you speechless. Obviously! Everyone normally performs this action using applications or download managers. But don't worry ... you won't have here you need nothing but your mobile device .

  1. Open Instagram on your mobile device.
  2. Log in to your profile.
  3. Click the three horizontal stripes icon to display the options menu.
  4. Choose the "Settings" option located at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Within the large number of options that Instagram offers you, you will select " Safety ".
  6. In the section " Data and history ", click" Download data ".
  7. At this time, Instagram will ask you to provide an email address. Do that and click on "Request Download".
  8. Then, Instagram will ask you to provide your account password.
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What data does Instagram send?

After completing the series of steps described above, Instagram will send your data to the email provided. When you access this email, you will see a ZIP file with all your information .

In this sense, downloading all your data and photos from your Instagram account is quite simple. After downloading the file, go to the download location and select "extract here" . With the backup you can delete your conversations on Instagram.

The backup content sent by Instagram is divided into two parts: folders and JSON files. Each folder contains subfolders where you can view:

  • Photos or videos posted on your profile.
  • The content sent or received directly.
  • Photos or videos uploaded to Instagram Stories.

JSON format files also store interesting information. However, it will be you need to install a program to view its contents . In these files you will find:

  • Comments.json : the comments you made on Instagram.
  • Likes.json - A list of all the photos and videos you "liked".
  • messages.json : Messages sent and received by Instagram Direct.

You have already downloaded all the data from your Instagram account!

As you will see, downloading all your data and photos from your Instagram account is an extremely simple procedure. You don't need apps or download emulators for Instagram . Plus, you can do it conveniently from your mobile device or computer.

Obviously, the file size may vary depending on the content that you shared and liked on Instagram. So, make sure you have a WiFi network to save your mobile data.

The best thing about downloading all the photos and data from your Instagram account is that you can now delete the messages or conversations. In addition to the photos you want ... you have already a backup !

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