How to download all photo albums from Facebook friends

There are several reasons why you may want to download Facebook albums. Mainly to make a backup or for the desire to review photo by photo at a time when there is more time available.

Making photographic memories is a tradition that has prevailed through all generations. The only difference is that we can currently publish them.

How to download all photo albums from Facebook friends

Social networks play a vital role in today's society. So, if you have added your own friends to some of them, it is normal that they interact constantly.

This includes sharing images with each other, including the fact that visual content is posted on Facebook where they are together.

In all possible ways, we are referring to the set of photos that you can share within these platforms, and today you will find out how to download them to your computer .

Can you download Facebook albums by default?

While it seems surprising, the Facebook developers have not established a login from which a full album of pictures can be obtained.

However, some people comment that this option was once built into the settings or menus displayed in photo files.

These community members claim that from any navigator, the scrapbook in question could be read and inside the change symbol the phrase "Download album" appeared. Which made it easy for them to get all the content.

Unfortunately, after checking this method step by step, we found that downloading Facebook albums like this is totally fake. Or at least it is not currently available within the platform.

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What you can do is download each image, one by one, through the menu that appears every time you decide to enlarge it.

This option is available in both browsers and applications on the device. But it's really a bit tedious to download each of the images until you get a full album.

Likewise, this shouldn't worry you, since popular operating system browsers like Windows have the solution for these kinds of requests.

What options does Google Chrome offer to download Facebook albums?

It turns out that the developers of Facebook have struck a deal with the programmers of this famous browser. By allowing them to create a plugin that can download the contents of the albums to your PC . This plugin is available in the Chrome Web Store, completely free.

Its name is DownAlbum, which once embedded in the browser system will appear as a symbol next to Chrome's address bar.

Through this add-on will be just locate the image file and click on that icon. To start downloading Facebook albums.

Mostly, it will ask you to decide what type of download you want to perform and within the path where you want to store the content. Once this is established, you will just have to wait for the content to download and you can view it in total comfort.

FacePAD, the extension enabled in Firefox to download Facebook albums

As with DownAlbum, this add-on takes care of getting all the necessary information from the albums to download them to your computer.

To use FacePAD comfortably, you need to configure the language it will work with, in case you find it difficult to use it in English and you prefer to change it to your native language.

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Unlike the previous plugin, what this plugin allows is display a new menu within the options that are shown by right-clicking on a Facebook album. Once selected, this content will automatically download to your computer.

Among the general conclusions we can establish that these browser tools are totally useful if you need to download similar content.

It should be noted that these options work on other social networks, but are meant to be efficient for use on Facebook. All that remains is to use them and enjoy the contents on your PC.

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