How to download and activate Gmail widgets on your Android phone or iPhone

Gmail is one of the email services most used by most people , has currently managed to overtake the email platform due to the fact that most Google applications require a Gmail account, in order to access as many functions as possible and also to improve the user experience on the same platforms.

The Gmail application was developed by the Google company and that after having lasted more than five years in the "beta" phase could have its official launch on 7 July 2009, since its inception it is managed to fascinate a large number of people thanks to its great design and efficiency in terms of sending messages by email, and in 2012 it managed to surpass platforms such as Outlook

Today Google offers the services of the Gmail platform for free, thus allowing anyone to create a Gmail account from any device.

However, there are several features of the same platform that most people who use Gmail from their smartphones are unaware of, and it is that there is a possibility of create links to some functions of the application itself in order to perform tasks in the same much more efficient, these shortcuts are known as Widgets.

    The Gmail app it didn't have the function of adding a widget to the home screen and only with the latest update will it be possible to create an application widget that will work as a direct access to the Gmail message bar, creating a small application window on our home screen.

    Add this widget to our device it is an easy and simple task to perform , below we will show you how to easily add gmail widget to main menu of your device.

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    Enable Gmail widget on Android

    • To add a Gmail widget to your Android device, you will need press and hold on the home screen until he comes displayed the Other Options menu.
    • Select the Widgets option to access the list of Widgets available on your phone
    • Find the Gmail app widget
    • Hold it down and drag it to the home section where you want to place it
    • And ready! you will have the Gmail widget available in the home section of your phone

    Attiva widget in Gmail su iPhone

    • Add a widget on a device with iOS operating system it's as simple as on an android device, to get started you will need to press and hold an empty space on the home screen of the device until the apps move
    • Then you will need to select the option "add" located in the upper left corner of the phone screen
    • Pressing on this option will show all the widgets of the device, select the widget of the Gmail application and then choose between the three available widget sizes and then press the add option to add it to the beginning
    • And ready! you will have the Gmail widget on your phone.

    Widgets are small tools capable of facilitate the performance of certain activities and in turn act as shortcuts to the functions of certain applications.

    These widgets can be selected from the home screen of our phone, it should also be noted that these tools can be used both on devices with the Android operating system, and on phones that work with the iOS operating system.

    Add widgets to the home screen

    To add Widgets to our home screen we will have to press and hold on the home screen of our device to access the Other options menu, after which we will have to select the Widget option located at the bottom of the screen.

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    By clicking on this option we will enter the list of Widgets enabled on our device and that we can use and add to the home screen, press and hold the icon of the Widget you want to use and place it in any section of your main menu, and ¡ready !, you can use widgets for perform certain tasks more quickly and efficiently.

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