How to download and convert Gmail emails to PDF for free

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Gmail lets you keep your emails Saved on the platform for when you need it. But there is sensitive information that needs to be stored offline for safety. Fortunately, there is the option to save Gmail emails or even save web pages completely in PDF format.

How to Free Download and Convert Gmail Emails to PDF | Save emails to PDF

Gmail is one of the best platforms e-mail which belongs to Google. Emails won't be deleted from your inbox unless you do, and you can even label and back them up.

Its solid security guarantees to users that their information is safe. In any case, there is information which is better preserve in another safe place to protect them from possible errors or hacker attacks.

The PDF is the ideal format to save emails. Its format is the most used standard because it is compatible with almost all operating systems.

      How to download and convert Gmail emails to PDF

      No need to install a third-party app on your PC to make it work. You just need to install a Chrome extension called Duffel in the browser.

      • Duffel allows you to convert Gmail emails to PDF files. Download it from the official Duffel page. To install the extension click on the button red Add Duffel to my mail.
      • Once you've granted Duffell the necessary permissions to install, add the extension to your Chrome browser. At the end of the installation a new icon will appear next to the address bar.
      • By clicking on the new icon you can configure your Gmail to synchronize with Duffel.
      • Once setup is complete, you can open your gmail and select the email you want. Clicking on the application button will immediately download the email in PDF .
      • The mail will be saved in the folder that you set up by default in your browser for downloading files. You will be able to verify that the format where the mail was saved is PDF.

      Download an email in PDF format without applications

      In case you don't want to clutter your browser with extensions or not use Chrome as the default browser, there are other options that make our life easier. You can download an email in PDF format without using Whatsapp or Chrome extensions. You just need to have basic computer skills.

      • Go to your Gmail account and select the email you want to save as PDF. At the top right of the page is an icon in the shape of printer .
      • Click the print all icon. A new window opens with a preview of the document to be saved.
      • To save to PDF you need to change the destination option. Instead of selecting a printer, select the option Salva in PDF .

      • When you're sure of the changes you've made to the document in the preview, click the button print . Instead of printing the file, it will be saved in a folder you select within the PC in PDF format.

      The benefit of using this file saving method is that it allows you to change before saving the pages you want to print. A very useful option if you only want to save a part of the email.

      You can also edit the sheet layout . You can save the file with sheets in horizontal or vertical direction. You can choose the format of the sheet and also if you want print the header and footer of the email.

      Know these tricks of gmail it can make your life easier and get you out of trouble. Preventing the possible loss of information allows you to live with greater peace of mind.

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