How to download and install apps - Applications on Apple Watch

Apparently one of the devices that is in fashion right now are the so-called smartwatches or Smartwatches. And not just for its aesthetics and great designs and styles, but for the large number of functions and customizations that can be made. In this article we will teach you how to perform a task that very few know and is how to download and install apps, applications on Apple Watch.

It is very likely that you have already purchased one of these nuovi dispositivi and you still don't know very well how to use it and how to download the different applications that will blow your mind.

There are many functions you can perform with them from receiving notifications , from heart rate monitoring, it is a translator, you can control your music and many other things the list can be very long.

Then surely you are wondering how you will have access to all of this, so do not despair in this article we will show you the guidelines to follow for that. But above all we will talk about the Apple Watch, the device launched by the maraca of the bitten apple and which really have everything you were looking for in a watch of this type.

    How to download and install App apps on Apple Watch

    These devices can be seen as an appendix of your iPhone mobile and you can receive notifications and messages on your smartwatch and read them without having to take out the phone. This is one of the many positive features of this device. But you can also completely delete the contents of a Apple Watch from your iPhone .

    As you can see, there can be a complete interaction between both devices and before continuing we need to explain something important to you, so that you can download applications to your iPhone or iPad you have to do it through the Apple's virtual store the App Store. And to be able to download applications on Apple Watch we have to do it via iPhone.

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    So to be a user Apple Watch , you must first be an iPhone user, as through this mobile we will use the Apple Watch app. This application will not only take care of downloading the App of our choice. If not, he will also be in charge of making the connection between our watch and mobile phone.

    How to download apps on Apple Watch

    In this tutorial we will indicate the steps to take so that you can download and install Apps, applications on Apple Watch, let's start then. First let's start opening the Apple Watch App on your mobile device. The next thing you should do is click on the App Store, you will enter the virtual store and you can search through the large repertoire of instruments.

    You have several ways to search for applications, if you have the name write it in Search or if you don't know which one to look for but you want to use the last one, click on Featured. When you have already found the App of your choice you have to click on the option Get, if it's free in the case of a paid application you have to click on Buy.

    After downloading the application on our iPhone, we need to install the application on the Apple Watch and then we will tell you what are the steps you need to follow,

    How to install apps on Apple Watch

    This step is also very easy to perform and will be faster than the steps you have done previously. The first thing you will do is go and open the Apple Watch application on your iPhone mobile, here you will find different categories and you have to choose The my watch . This action will generate a list of different applications and we will have to choose the one we want to install on the smart watch.

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    When you click on the app, the Install and Click option will appear, so you need to activate the following option Show apps on Apple Watch. This action will start automatic synchronization of the application with the Apple Watch . And in this way it will be ready and you can enjoy the beauty with all the applications you want to download on your smartwatch.

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