How to download and install Instagram Reels? Instagram functionality similar to TikTok (example)

During this year there has been an impressive growth in the number of people who want to record short videos to upload them to the Internet, due to the pandemic situation the world is facing. Therefore, today you will see how to download and install Instagram Reels, so that you can start recording your videos.

And is that, although it seems silly to record this type of videos, the reality is quite different, because with today's technology you can even make money on social networks (for example, you start paying money in Tik Tok after having several followers), making the networks a very good and well paid job.

How to download and install Instagram reels? Instagram functionality similar to Tik Tok

How to download and install Instagram Reels?

Now, going straight to the point of interest, the first thing you should know to download and install Instagram Reels is that this feature is integrated into the Instagram app itself, so to get it devi just update that app to its latest version.

Or else download the updated app directly from the archive. Once you get it, you can use Instagram Reels, as it will be installed automatically.

With that you know how to download the new feature, but how does Instagram Reels work? It basically does the same as Tik Tok, allowing you to create short videos that can last 15 seconds.

To create these videos you must first swipe to the left, this will take you to the Stories section, inside there will be an options bar at the bottom, there select "Reels".

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You will then be directed to a new space on Instagram dedicated exclusively to Reels, in this there will be several options with which you can edit and create your videos, which would be:

Audio, which your allows you to choose a music track of your liking, or record your own track, AR Effects, these give a fun and personal touch to your videos as they do with Instagram Stories.

Timing and countdown, this option gives you permette di create a video from several different clips joined, and alignment, which allows you to align your video pieces, so that even if you move the mobile you do not lose the fluidity of those you are recording.

Who can see my reels and how can I see other people's reels?

With the above you already know how to download and install Instagram Reels, so to complete your data and end this problem, it's time to see who can see your short videos and how you can view those of others.

To view Reels other than your own, you have to go to the search part of Instagram (the magnifying glass), first a large Reel will appear, which by touching it will take you to a section where by simply scrolling the following can view videos Around the world.

Also, to see a specific Reel, you just need to go to the account of the person who created these videos and tap the Reel icon above their personal photos (if the account is private, you will not be able to see them.) ).

If you're wondering who can see your reels, the answer is that it depends. If you have a public account, everyone will be able to see them without exception, while if they are private, only your followers will be able to see the videos.

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And that's it, with this you already know how to download and install Instagram Reels, and you've also learned how they are used and how you can view them, so you really have nothing to do here.

However, before you leave, it wouldn't hurt if you were looking for information about other new features that Instagram has added, for example you can research: what are Instagram guides and how do they work? so that you can squeeze the juice out of this app.

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