How to download and install Microsoft Office in Google Chrome for free

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We cannot stop praising one of the most complete browsers in existence today and thanks to its extensions we can add new functions.

We are undoubtedly talking about Google Chrome, which never ceases to surprise us with its various services. And this time it offers us the opportunity to download and install Microsoft Office in Google Chrome for free.

It's true that Google Chrome offers you services like Drive, which emulate those offered by Microsoft in its office suite. But maybe because they are not as well known as PowerPoint, Excel or Word, it allows you to have this tool online for free. You must only download and install Microsoft Office in Google Chrome and you will see how easy it is.

We already know of extensions or applications already included in Google Chrome, like Gmail, YouTube, the Google search engine. But there are many others that we do not know and it will be good to know how to enable extensions even in incognito mode and you can see that it will be a very simple and quick task to perform.

    How to download and install Microsoft Office for free on Google Chrome

    As you may already know, Microsoft distributes its subscription package, known worldwide as Office, and you can have it on your PC without the need for an Internet connection. Perhaps this is one of its best attractions, but if you cannot license its products, Google Chrome offers you an alternative.

    And this is an extension that you can enable to have the Office package for free but online, that is, you need to have an Internet connection. The only real way to know if this option that Google Chrome puts in your hands can work for you is to make the decision to test the service and then draw your own conclusions.

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    Steps to download and install Microsoft Office on Google Chrome for free

    The steps that we will indicate below are very simple to follow and you will not have any problem installing this extension of Google Chrome . The first thing to do is to type in the browser of the Google web store. When finished, you will be directed to the virtual store where you can find all the extensions and add-ons at your disposal.

    Once there, you will type the name of the extension into the search engine and this is it Office Online , the search will start and you will have several results, but you have to choose the first option. To do this, click on the option Add to Chrome . When you do this, a window will pop up with the following question, do you want to install Office Online? Then you need to click Add Extension.

    The installation of the extension will be done quickly and this will be done by placing an icon in the top bar, which will tell you where the add-on is. And ready in this way the extension has been installed in your browser and you will only have to use it, whenever you want to do it, you will just have to press the icon.

    One important thing you should know is that you won't be using memory on your PC, as everything you do with the text editor, spreadsheet, and presentations will be stored directly in the cloud. And every time you use it, you have to sign in with the respective Microsoft account, obviously with Hotmail or Outlook.

    You may encounter some limitations if you compare it to the subscription option, but Office Online seems to work very well. You just have to use it and check that it is certain that it works very similar to the original Microsoft package. And so we conclude this tutorial that showed you how to download and install microsoft office in google chrome for free.

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