How to download and install Mozilla Firefox on a Smart TV step by step

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Today i technological advances are on the rise and they surprise people more and more with their wide variety of innovations.

Now they've updated the technology to such an extent that you can have a phone on your wrist, a watch that has almost all the functions of a mobile device, and even a computer that is basically a monitor that works in touch mode, among the many new creations that year. after year they attract the attention of thousands of people all over the world.

One of those great creations is a television that works like a computer connected to an Internet network, an extremely fantastic creation that can be improved little by little, these are called Smart TV .

How to download and install Mozilla Firefox?

Thanks to the functions of the Smart TV, it could be considered a computer with an operating system that carries your Smart TV, so you can connect to the Internet and install applications such as Chrome and even the APK Netflix itself to be able to connect faster to the streaming platform.

But to be able to carry out any activity on the Internet it is important to have a browser downloaded and installed, and the most recommended is Mozilla Firefox, a browser that has been recognized as one of the best , in addition to Chrome.

If you want to install it you need to have the APK file, but first you need to install a file manager. This is done with the aim of being able to find any downloaded file easily and without any hassle.

A highly recommended file manager is "File Commander - File Manager & Free Cloud" , which you can find in the Smart Play Store. You will only have to select the "Install" option and wait the necessary time for the application to be on your Smart.

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Once the manager is installed, you need to log into your computer and download the Mozilla Firefox APK file. By simply clicking on the link, you should select "Download" and wait for the file to be on your computer.

As soon as the file is downloaded, what you should do is take a pendrive and transfer the file to it and then put it on your Smart TV. Now for the installation you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Open the File Commander application. This same application will notify you when an external storage drive has been inserted.
  • Enter the folder that presents you as your pendrive and search for the APK file that you downloaded.
  • As soon as you find the Mozilla Firefox AKP file select "Install"

    Note: Most Android files require permission to install an application from an external location or unknown source, so it will tell you to enter the settings and grant permission to continue with the installation.
  • Once the permissions have been accepted, all that remains is to wait for the file to be installed correctly.
  • If the AKP is installed, it will give you a message that says: "Application installed successfully" and it will present you the option to open the browser.

As soon as you have performed these simple steps, your Smart TV will now have access to the browser, so you can access endless web pages, social networks and even watch videos without any problem.

What is a Smart TV?

Smart TVs are one new range of televisions technologically advanced which have expanded the system of ordinary televisions. What makes smartphones amazing is that they can even be connected to an internet connection.

Thanks to this connection, the TV not only does it work to watch the usual programming, but it also gives the possibility to install applications, such as browsers or players, and also allows you to browse online, either to enter a streaming account (Netflix, Prime Video, Disney +, among others), to watch videos on YouTube or simply to search the Internet.

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A function that today turns out to be very convenient for those who do not have one chiave VGA o HDMI to connect the computer to the TV.

Smart models have improved since 2012 and have also tried to introduce i voice controllers , it remains only in the following years that their innovations will be more than surprising for the world market.

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