How to Download and Install Play Store on Motorola G31, G2, G3, G5, G5 for Free

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There is no doubt that Motorola is one of the Telephone companies most iconic in the world with models such as StarTac and Motodroid, which at the time was the first of the brand with an Android system, the Eclaris 2.0.

The company has a great alliance with Google and while it now belongs to Lenovo, that hasn't changed. And it could be said that this will happen for a long time.

How to Download and Install Play Store on Motorola G31, G2, G3, G5, G5 for Free

Today Motorola continues to create very powerful phones which is why it competes with other brands in the field of quality and price . Thanks to its powerful hardware which matched well with Android system.


    Why doesn't my Motorola phone have the Play Store?

    The reasons why our Motorola phone doesn't have this store isn't really because our device doesn't carry it from the factory. If not by our actions or by another person who has accessed your phone and found it deleted by mistake or on purpose. Indeed, sometimes it is necessary install the play store su alcuni phones Samsung or Huawei.

    Another way is if your phone has been rooted. This root option allows you to increase RAM , unlock the phone in case it has been locked and delete from the factory the applications already installed on the device that could hinder us. Or because we want to improve the performance of our phone and when we delete these applications, the Play Store creeps in between them.

    Motorola e Play Store

    This store is very fascinating as it offers tons of apps that make our lives easier and more fun because we can download almost everything from it, be it a game, a book, a calculator, music or some work tool. Sure, there are things that are free while some are not, but we can still be sure that this is the best app store in the business.

    In addition to non-Motorola apps, this store also has exclusive apps for this brand that improve the experience when using any of its templates, it can be themes to customize your phone, some apps to optimize your phone like trash recycler or camera effects.

    Of course, anytime this app can be deleted or maybe it doesn't carry said tool from factory and it would be a headache for when you want to download any other app.

    How to Download and Install Play Store?

    This application is not difficult to download, it is very simple, you just have to go to your browser and enter "download Play Store" after the search there will be several pages to download this App. Enter only the one that inspires you the most confidence and download the APK.

    When the download is complete, go to Downloads in your browser or go to File Manager of the phone and tap on the APK. You will get a warning that you can't install it, as this app doesn't have permission because it is from unknown source. You will need to activate this feature, go to settings, lock screen and security and activate where it says unknown sources and it will start installing the app.

    You can also download the APK from your PC and transfer it from it to your phone using the USB cable. You can also do this over a Wi-Fi network. Once you have gone through it, you will look for it in your phone's file manager and do the same process as we explained before. Then, you will be able to enjoy Play Store on your Motorola device.

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