How to download and install Powertoys in Windows 10 fast and easy?

Powertoys are tools that since Windows 95 and XP have been very useful and important to users thanks to the functions they presented. However, these since Windows Vista have become incompatible. With Windows 10 they have been reactivated, given this find out how download and install Powertoys in Windows 10 without hassle.

Many advanced users of Windows in its different versions have used Powertoys. For this reason, Microsoft has taken on the task of retrain Powertoys for Windows 10 , opening that window of possibilities for adding new features to the operating system. These applications, also classified as extensions, are free to download and use.

These are just some of the novelties of this edition, similar to others such as customizing the sounds and notifications of Windows 10 or simply using the best gadgets and free applications for the Windows 10 desktop.

    These are tools or applications that Microsoft develops to add functionality that is not built into the operating system. Because of all that is involved in using these applications, Microsoft lists them for "Advanced users" . However, it is not complex to download and install Powertoys in Windows 10.

    It should be noted that they also don't have as rigorous technical support as the features that come with the system, and they don't go through the same testing. Despite this, they are very useful and the advantages they present balance the balance for users of this operating system.

    Although for Windows 10 there are not as many of these tools as for Windows 95 and XP, they still end up being very useful and valuable for users, since it is presented as an open source project at this stage. This will allow people to create their own Powertoys. Among the Powertoys that were initially added to Windows 10 there are :


      That allows name change on multiple files at the same time. This can be done by searching and replacing regular items. The tool also allows advanced features to select files and search for them using regular expression matching.


      This tool carries the function of defining on the desktop to position the windows and also define their dimensions in an easier way. With this utility you will be able to maintain a better order in managing the windows of open programs.

      Image resizer

      Image Resizer is an extension that can be used via the Windows context menu and its function allows you to change the size of the images. By simply selecting multiple images, or just one, and using the right mouse button, this option can be displayed.

      Steps to install download and install Powertoys in Windows 10

      The first thing to do to start downloading and installing Powertoys in Windows 10 is to check if a user is blocked or has limited access in Windows.

      Then go to the GitHub web page. Once on the page, you need to enter " powertoys " in the search bar located at the top right of the web portal.

      Once this is done, you need to enter the result which has the title " Microsoft/PowerToys " there you will see some items related to these tools.

      Scroll down a bit and select the option " Download & Release notes ". Subsequently, a page will open with the MSI file that will be downloaded by clicking on it, which is located at the end of this page of each article corresponding to the version.

      When you download the MSI file , it must be executed regardless of the address where it is located, then proceed to install. It should be noted that downloading and installing Powertoys in Windows 10 will serve to manage all the Powertoys you have through one interface

      When installing this tool, it will give us the option to run it as soon as Windows 10 starts. It is important to mark this option because it will not be necessary to run them to use them every time you turn on your computer. If you want to configure these tools, you need to right click on the icon " powertoys " and select configuration.

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