How to download and install Signal without Play Store Is it possible?

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Currently in our society with the use of smartphones we are increasingly connected, they help us to communicate with anyone we want from anywhere in the world, even in different ways such as chat messages, audio, images, video calls, etc. But we owe it not only to smartphones, but precisely to instant messaging app.

It could be said that these messaging apps are an evolution of the classic social networks, since these, like social networks, they help us communicate but in a much more direct way, since their central function is the exchange of messages between people or directly in a group of multiple members, there are many messaging apps but today we will focus specifically on the Signal application.

    Signal, an alternative to other messaging apps

    Signal is an instant messaging app born in 2014 by Matthew Rosenfeld, although on the internet he is known by the nickname Moxie Malrinspike, Matthew is famous in the internet world for being a specialist in cyber security, this since 2010 I was working on an app called TextSecure, which was also a messaging app, which evolved and became Signal in 2014.

    What sets Signal apart from the rest of the messaging apps is its own safety sections and encryption protocols, which are currently considered the strongest and most secure encryption security in all messaging apps on the internet, this reached such a level that when the dispute broke out months ago with WhatsApp and its terms of conditions, the famous Elon Musk recommended it as the best chat app.

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    Signal, like other instant messaging apps, has great new features, these range from allowing us to activate dark mode to the ability to silence notifications, such as functions that the WhatsApp application, it is a fact that currently Each app has a basic model of what functions each should have to generally satisfy the user.

    Undoubtedly this messaging app is starting to take off, to make itself more and more known, it promises a lot and can become a favorite app like WhatsApp, however many users comment that they have searched for it in the Google Play Store and it does not appear to them However, if you want to have it , there are solutions for this, if we can download the Telegram apk we can also download Signal without the need for the Google Play Store.

    What are the requirements to download Signal without using the Play Store?

    Depending on operating system your mobile, you will need to meet certain requirements when downloading Signal.

    Per Android:

    • Your mobile must have Android 4.4 or another more advanced.
    • Have access to the Internet.
    • The Google account and the Play Store must be the same.
    • Have at least 50 MB of storage space.

    For iOS:

    • Having iOS from version 11.1.
    • Log into your iTunes.
    • For the update process, use the same Apple ID that you used when you first downloaded the application.

    Per desktop:

    • Have an account already registered on your Android or iOS to be able to connect it to Signal Desktop.
    • Check that Signal is compatible with your operating system (Windows 64-bit: 7,8,8.1 and 10) (macOS 10.12 and advanced).

    How to download the Signal App for Android phones?

    Download Signal in APK format

    • If the Signal app is not available in the Google Play Store, it could be due to many factors, but the main one is because the your mobile is not compatible with this application, so the Google Store does not recommend or allow you to view the application, however it is not impossible to get it, there are sites where we can download this application.
    • All this via apk, apk is the extension or file type of all applications of android phones, pages like apkpure or uptodown they have a catalog of the main applications of our Android devices.
    • What we will do is go to one of these web pages, search for the signal app ending with the apk extension, select the latest version available and the we will download.
    • You must only go to reliable pages, for example apk mirror or apk pure, search for Signal and download this instant messaging app without necessarily having to use the Play Store.
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    Steps to install Signal on any Android mobile

    Once you download the apk, you will ask yourself : How do I install it on my mobile? It is a simple process, if you have downloaded the apk from your pc you can simply transfer it to your Android with a USB cable, if you have downloaded it from your phone better because you already have it in the Android memory.

    The next thing to do is to go to the Settings of our mobile phone and go to the section on our phone, and being inside we will get the detailed information of our mobile phone, among these we will find the version of our system, this we must select it several times until the end of a count, when this count ends it will give us the authorization to settings the developer.

    Here we will look for the option to allow installation from unknown sources, once activated, we look for the Signal application, reward it, do it click Install and it will be installed on our Android in no time.

    How can I update Signal to the latest version?

    Just as it is easy to download Signal text messages to your Android, it is also easy to update them. To make sure you have the latest version of Signal you just have to look for its official page and look for the latest version.

    Is it possible to download Signal for Windows PC? - How to do it?

    As well as whatsapp or telegram, the signal can be started from your computer, you just need to have your account already registered on your android phone in advance.

    If your computer has Windws, you just have to follow the following steps for the application to start correctly:

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