How to download and install the Google Play Services APK for my Android mobile or cellphone

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Google Services is an app, the part of the new Android of which already comes from the factory internally on the mobile phone, so you need to know the Android version of your mobile phone, in order to perform relevant updates that constantly appear and give is much more useful for your mobile and optimizes its various activities.

This app works in a secondary way on your Android mobile and has the task of keeping us informed, among other houses, of recent versions of the systems and products provided by the apps.

In many cases the adjustments to the most recent versions of the apps are given automatically and gradually, which is why if you want to have the latest version instantly, you will find yourself needing to do it by manually downloading the APK file , that is why Through which we will guide you here How to download it? through some tips

    When to use APK applications?

    APK applications are all those that are obtained outside the Google Store . In most cases it is recommended to download apps from the Play Store, but sometimes it is not possible.

    In fact, some Chinese or old mobiles require APK download as there is no version for them and this is the reason to use APK applications. In any case, whether you download the Google Services APK on your Android or any other App , be very careful when you download it .

    Basic functionality of the Google Play Services APK

    Downloading the Google Play Services APK can be a problem, mainly because there are different versions a depending on the mobile phone. Therefore, it is advisable to know the basic features of your mobile and the APK of the services you want to download.

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    First compare the version of your android with that required for the APK, some APKs in turn require knowledge of the processor model in order to be used correctly.

    Download and install the Google Play Services APK on my Android mobile

    If you are one of those customers who don't have this app on their mobile, don't worry, just do what we indicate here:

    Enable, in your Android, the "Unknown sources" function also known in other mobile devices by the name of " sources unknown " . Now, from your Android mobile, enter the settings, then security, choose where it says "Unknown sources". You are now ready to download and install the app without using the Play Store.

    • To download it, go to the APKMirror website from your mobile.
    • Then enter into the search engine Google Play Services.
    • Choose the version you prefer, (newer or older) in our case we will choose the most recent.
    • Click inside to lower it.
    • Wait for that this app is downloaded in the APK document , it will only take a few seconds.
    • Now to install it, search in the download folder of the APK app, proceed to open it.
    • Then, on the screen that appears, you need to confirm the action by clicking where it says "Install".
    • Next you will see a pop-up window informing you that the app has been installed.
    • It should be noted that this app runs on a secondary level, meaning you won't be able to view it like it does with other apps.

    How to update Google Play Services APK?

    We first pointed out that the best way to download and install the Google Play Services APK is to use APKMirror, as it is a very secure platform. Likewise, if you want to update the application at some point, you'd better download the APK from that page as well.

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    In any case, don't forget to make a backup of the APK you used before, as there is a possibility that the version you download will not work well, before this, it is better to keep the APK which works stably .

    Problems using APK applications

    APKs can be problematic and even more so if you want to download the Google Play Services APK. Effectively, is one of the apps that gives more problems when he installs them like this, but don't worry, it's a question of testing.

    However, if you have problems after installing the Google Services APK, such as unexpected closures or breakdowns, that's better try to download other versions until you find the one suitable for your mobile phone.

    Can I download the Play Services APK with Google Play?

    If you are one of these customers who are constantly asking this question, we tell you that the reality is that it is not really possible to spontaneously download APK Services. More if it can allow you to make its adaptation to the most current version, if necessary, from it

    Game Services Features?

    • The most important and noteworthy are:
    • Check the latest versions for system files or apps to update them.
    • Keep notifications from certain apps.
    • Another of its functions is that it provides the system with interconnections of other apps such as: Wallet, Drive, Maps, Ads, Cast, calendar. Moreover.

    What would happen to my Android phone if I delete Google services?

    There are always cell phone users on the market who are tempted to delete or permanently delete this app , as they find it weighs a lot and takes up most of their cell phone's memory, which makes it run much slower. or block every now and then.

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    However, despite the reasons you have, which lead you to think about deleting this app, you should think about it very well, because on this app, the good performance of many of the applications on your phone depend to a large extent, some of them are: Maps, notifications, calendar, etc.

    There are several ways it gives you the ability to delete this app , but you will delete the essential files for the correct functioning of your telephone system, so if you delete it you run the risk that your mobile phone may have some kind of failure in their functions, which you will then have to solve with other precautions, which is not recommended.

    In summary, this app is largely dependent on the good performance of many mobile phone apps, so keeping it constantly updated to the latest version will allow a lot more features to your mobile which is no longer a problem for you. in this article we give you the tools to get to work and download, install and update the Google Play Services APK.

    In addition to installing Play Services, you can also install the Google Play Store on a mobile of any brand, so that it does not pose any kind of problem with your mobile and you can run this tutorial without any problems.

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