How to download and install the Instagram application without Play Store Is it possible?

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Play Store is the traditional application store for phones with the Android operating system, initially launched in 2008, which has a record of over 2,5 billion registered users according to official Google data.

As Android users, we have always had the idea that you can only use the respective application store (Play Store) to download any app or game you want. However, there are possibilities through the Chrome browser to be able to acquire the applications we want.

Through the Google Chrome browser you can make it easier to get applications without having to be registered, or open an account or go to payment. Simply Google the name of the application you want find and you can download it, the only thing is that it will be done in a non-traditional format which is APK.

    What is an APK application?

    An application APK (Android Application Package) is an installation package that contains compiled data for an application ; that is to say, it is a beta version of an app so to speak. It has efficient use for devices with low storage space.

    It works through Google , as it is affiliated with the Android operating system and allows you to download information from any app to any phone compatible with that system.

    On the other hand, it is characterized by the fact that it is not located inside an application store and therefore it is easier for anyone to install the applications they want and when they want. You don't need to have any registration here, just keep your Gmail open and have the Chrome browser.

    It is also important to note that you can download all kinds of apps on any device , be it a desktop or laptop, as well as mobile phones and tablets (as long as they have Chrome).

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    Differences between an App in APK and one installed in the Play Store

      Is it safe to download APK applications?

      When you are about to install an APK application you have to confirm the source from which the download is made, you we recommend that it comes from MirrorAPK , this page also works as a kind of app store only it is not on your device but on the web, in it it is easier and safer to perform these downloads.

      However, there are other options for that lo more they are not recommended because they give a certain degree of insecurity to the user who downloads them, so you should check the app when performing these functions, as incorrect versions can be downloaded and others that contain viruses or bugs that make you uncomfortable.

      More often, people turn to the Play Store in order to more easily install any application (including Instagram), but there are users who prefer to look for other ways sure to do it, but many times they don't know how or where to go. Therefore, we will explain how an App should be installed correctly without going to the Google Store.

      To download any application in its APK form, it is recommended to enter the Google browser and write the name of the app you want to install, in this case Instagram APK , there will be many alternative stores to the Play Store that you can visit, and from there proceed to download the application in its APK format.

      You must keep in mind that when you install the application on your mobile, you must have the option of unknown sources enabled, as without it you will not be able to perform the procedure. And in this way, you can install Instagram on your mobile without using the Play Store.

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      How to download an APK application on Android

      By following the instructions from the previous example, it is so easy to download not only Instagram, but also any other app whose beta has not yet been released and which you can download in this APK format. However, there are applications that manage to be more reserved for these versions, here you will learn how to use them.

      Download APKPure for Android

      Google Play Store offers its users an application to install files in APK format , which is called APKPure; It consists of configuring the apps you have on your device in APK.

      To use it, you need to install it in the Play Store, look for it in the slider bar and it will appear, then select it and hit download. Once the process is done, go to the Android settings, then go to the applications option and finally turn on the function it says "unknown origins" . This way you can convert your downloads to this file format.

      Download AltStore for iPhone

      Apple, for its part, It allows also its users to download applications in APK format in a simple way. This is done by installing AltStore on your mobile; But first you need to download AltServer as a complement and also update to the latest version of iCloud and iTunes.

      Once this is done, you can download AltStore from the Apple App Store; then it's a matter of installing it. At first you select the file and place it in the applications folder, here it should appear in the menu. Then you have to synchronize the WI-FI network with the cellphone's iTunes so that later it enters the AltServer and click on the option to install on AltStore; it is so easy and fast that you can use it.

      How to download Instagram for PC

      If you feel that the official page of the social network is not working well for you, you can easily download Instagram by following the following steps:

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        Instagram is not compatible with my Huawei mobile device

        If you are a Huawei user and while you are using or about to open Instagram on your phone, the app warns you that "Instagram is not compatible with your device" ; This has been a frequent and recent problem in users of this brand of mobile phones, because the system the application works with may not synchronize in the same way as other operating systems.

        It could also be due to the fact that the storage space of your memory is full, the cache memory has problems, among other options ... In this case you have to go to the settings of the device, then to the applications and there you search for Instagram; so go here and click clear cache and then clear data. This is probably an effective way to tackle the problem , otherwise you can uninstall and re-download the app if you wish.

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