How to download and install the latest free version of Minecraft for PC

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Minecraft is one of the most requested games today thanks to its playability and reach, being acquired mainly through its purchase on its official website; However, downloading and installing the latest version of Minecraft for PC for free has never been easier. It has one of the communities of players largest and longest-lived in terms of Microsoft games.

    Minecraft is up to date - download and install the latest free version of Minecraft for PC

    To download Minecraft for free, you have to keep in mind that, of course, your player status will not be " premium "as you are not using a dime to purchase the original product (you can always change the version in Minecraft whenever you want); however, such an aspect will not affect the gameplay much.

    The download and installation of Minecraft will be practically identical to as if they were done through the official site; but, that doesn't mean everything is rosy.

    Some servers only work with the premium version, so if you want to access one of them, you will need to find a way to add them later via the " multiplayer "or" multiplayer ", which allows you to play in multiplayer or with two or more people.

    Steps for download and installation

    The first thing you need to know is that Minecraft has a "launcher launcher" , or in other words, an unofficial download site. Enter through the Google search engine and familiarize yourself with its home page with all the information it offers. The launcher website essentially describes some additional components or tools that you can get with it.

    In the upper part of the page, in particular on the left, two options “TLAUNCHER” and “TLAUNCHER PE” stand out. In this case, click on the first option (the one that corresponds to computers) to access another drop-down menu.

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    It should be noted that when it comes to downloading and installing the latest version of Minecraft for PC for free, it's just the Minecraft Java Edition model 1.16 recently updated in July.

    By clicking on " TLAUNCHER "Three options will be displayed:" PC ” (Windows), “ MacOS ” (Apple) e “ Linux "(Linux). Choose one of them according to your case. For the purpose of this tutorial, the steps will be described according to the " Pc "o Windows.

    Automatically, it will start downloading the Minecraft startup file with a size of approximately 16MB. While you wait for the process to finish, you should make sure your PC has the latest version of Java.

    If that's unfortunately not the case, don't worry, as you can visit the website and press "Free Java Download", Than we "Accept and start the free download ", so your PC will receive the latest edition of the program.

    Then a

    Returning to the startup file, once downloaded, press "Run" and the installation will begin. It will greet you with a small predefined message and, at this point, press " Continue ". With the cursor you accept the license terms and then press " Continue " Once again . Then, press "again. Continue "so that the launcher continues its process.

    Once this is done, it will display a new window similar to the previous calls "additional activity" where it will have automatically selected the actions to be performed at the end of the installation.

    Press, again, " Continue "and after waiting a few but not very long minutes, a window corresponding to TLAUNCHER will appear. Create your account if you wish in the lower left part of the window and look for the most recent version to play, in this case 1.16.

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    Wait briefly for the wait bar to finish shitting and voila, press "Enter the game" . Downloading and installing the latest free version of Minecraft for PC is easier than it looks. Now it remains only to fully enjoy the Minecraft experience for free.

    Remember that Minecraft has many versions, so if you want to play the best, you should find out online which is the best version to play Minecraft on PC? This is so that you stay up to date and once a new version comes out you can update Minecraft to the latest version and always play with the best player of this title.

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