How to download and install various fonts on my Mac? - Quick and easy

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Digital fonts or fonts are all those typefaces found in any program with the ability to process text. If you are a designer or you are in the audiovisual world, you will surely know what I am talking about. And, if you want to acquire more, find out here how to download and install various types of fonts on your Mac.

Today there are a large number of sources, families and even derivatives thereof. Many of these, which are previously installed on your computer . But, if you want to change the style a bit and experiment, it's ideal to know how to install various fonts on your Mac.

If you have a computer with a Windows operating system, you have the option to create your own fonts for the letters.

    Where do I find these characters?

    In addition to typefaces, there are several websites from which you can get many different font styles. Many of these are even free. Some specialize in website fonts such as Google Fonts. Or for projects like Dafont which even offers characters based on movie characters.

    All these pages they basically work the same way , you enter and once you have decided which font you want to download, just select the button that indicates this option.

    The best thing is that many of these are broken down into categories, the which makes searching much easier. The only problem is that it will probably be difficult for you to choose one of so many options.

    Here a list of different websites where you can download fonts at so you can install various fonts on your Mac. The aforementioned Google Fonts and Dafont are among the best, but if you want to keep searching you can try 1001 Free Font or Urban Font.

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    También están Font Squirrel, Font Diner, Font River, I miei font, Dribble, Digita insieme, Sky Fonts, Letra Manía, All Fonts, Fontspace, Fontcubes e FFonts.

    These fonts you download can also be shared with your friends by emailing them Email.

    Steps to install various fonts on your Mac

    • After selecting the character that you prefer and having downloaded it, the safest thing is that you have to unzip it first . Once this procedure is done, you will be able to see the different formats they come in and the conditions of the same.
    • Double-click on the font format and, in the window that appears, select "Install font".
    • Once the operating system validates the font, it will open the option "Catalog characters ", which is an application of the system. In this, you can see the different variations of the typeface and examples of how it is done across sentences.
    • With this, the process of installing various fonts on your Mac is ready. You can repeat it whenever you want.
    • With the font catalog you can also determine the position of fonts by default. With this, it classifies the fonts and makes them available to other users of that computer.

    The Apple computer also has other types of letters within that catalog that you can find disabled. However, you can get them just by selecting the source, then choose "Edit" e "Download".

    Disable or remove a typeface

    To deactivate a font, inside the "Font Catalog", perform the same action mentioned above. "Edit" e "Deactivate". This means that the font will remain on the system but will not appear within applications that use it. If you want to know if a source is disabled, you can see "Disabled". Close to it.

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    If you want to delete a font instead, choose the format in the catalog and select "File" e "Remove". Doing so will delete it from the system. The Mac operating system supports True type files and their variables (.ttf), Truetype Collection and Opentype Collection (.ttc). Also with Opentype (.otp).

    In case you don't know, you also have the option to download fonts to computers running the Windows operating system.

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