How to Download App for JVC Smart TV - Install and Update

Previously, televisions were only used for watching channels, but today, you can use our television to have endless options from watching YouTube videos on your TV to browsing the internet and not being in capable of doing nothing better than the JVC Smart TV. In order to use all these functions, we need to have several applications on our TV, which is why you may be wondering how to download, install and update an application on a JVC Smart TV?

Applications in general are the ones that bring our television to life, which is why we need to know how to update them if a new version of it appears. Below we will mention all the steps required to be able to download and update any application on the JVC brand TV.

How to install applications on a JVC Smart TV?

The JVC Smart TV they are devices that allow you to have any application, since it has an Android system, to perform this process you must make sure that you have your TV connected to the Internet.

To download them, log in to the Play Store, enter your username and password if you have not already done so, then search for the application you want to download, now you just have to press the button that says 'Install', wait for it to load and you can press the 'Open' option.

To update them you can do it from the Play Store , you just have to go to the menu and look for all your downloaded applications and in this area you can update each of them, clearly the one with the available updates. Another option to download and update is from the .apk file, this is a great tool you can use if the Play Store isn't working properly.

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Find the .apk file of an application you want to update, check that it is the latest version available; transfer this file to a USB memory and connect it to the TV , once you are on the TV, go to 'Source' and USB to start downloading the latest version of the application, at the end you will see the updated app in the App List Menu.

This process has to be done with the help of a control, but if unfortunately you don't have one, it doesn't matter, because you can use your mobile as a remote control to control your Smart TV, this will help you a lot if for some reason you have lost or damaged control.

Settings you need to make on any JVC Smart TV before installing apps

If you have just purchased a TV, you need to set it up to start using it to your liking, this can be done before downloading the applications. The first thing you need to do clearly is turn on the TV, with the control press the menu button to access its options, here you have to adjust several parameters such as brightness and access the 'Clock' option to set the time and date.

Press the CH button on your control to program it with channels with channels, this will allow you to use the arrows with the remote control. You should also remove subtitles from programming, as they can do something annoying. Now you can start connecting external devices such as DVD players.

In order to program a channel you can do it by accessing the menu, press the settings option and select 'Channel'. In this section, choose the cable if you have a satellite or an antenna; press 'Enter' so that the TV will search for channels that appear to you via the connection, at the end of the search, those that have been deleted will return to the program.

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Other settings you need to set on your JVC Smart TV

One of the things you need to do is sort the channels, this will allow you to find them faster, to do this, press the menu button and enter the settings, look for the 'Edit channels' option and then it enters the digital configuration and sorts the channels. .

Select the channel you want to edit using the arrows check, press OK to set the channel, repeat this process with each of the channels you want to move.

It must be said that this TV doesn't have much storage space, so try to install the necessary applications and if you plan to download games you can, but not too many.

What applications are compatible with JVC smart TVs?

Among applications compatible with JVC smart TVs are there Netflix, Youtube, Pluto tv, Movistar tv, Directv Go e Disney plus.

How do I know when the apps are out of date on my TV?

Le TV applications when they are outdated yes they start and stop working incorrectly and slowly.

How to download JVC Market to my JVC Android TV?

From your USB in the files you pass the information to your TV and with Chrome installed you can start download JVC Market , your JVC product store.

Can the Play Store be installed on a JVC brand Smart TV?

If the Play Store may be installed on a JVC Smart TV, we must log in with our Google account to be able to use the Play Store.

Install Amazon Prime

install Amazon prime you have to go to the Play Store and at the top where there is a magnifying glass write Amazon prime, press search and in this way Amazon prime will appear on the screen to start the installation and use with a previous subscription.

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Installa Google Chrome

install Google Chrome you will have you need a Fire Command application to be able to search for files on your USB and in this way download it to your TV to browse or download movies.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus you can find it in the Play Store and start installing it, but to use it you need to have a previous subscription.

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