How to download Axie Infinity: Tutorial for Android, iPhone, Windows and MacOS

If you want to start playing Axie Infinity, you can do it from different devices. Many people are interested to the installation of the game from Windows operating systems e MacOS , although these aren't the only options.

You can install the application on your Android device by downloading the APK file or from iPhone using TestFlight, as this game is not available in the App Store. The options can be found on the official Axie Infinity website.

In this article, you will learn the steps for install Axie Infinity from any device , as well as what is needed to start playing. You will also know the risks of not using the Axie Infinity official website to install the game.

    Why is it important to download Axie Infinity from official sources only?

    Downloading Axie Infinity from official sources is very important , otherwise you may run into a scammer. When you download the game from platforms other than the official ones, you would be prone to run into hackers or hackers, so always remember to be very careful!

    To do this, you can visit the page Axie Infinity official , which will provide you with the links provided to download the game safely.

    How can I install the Axie Infinity application on my computer?

    If you find it more convenient to download Axie Infinity to your computer, you can install the game on both Windows and MacOS . Next, you will be able to learn about the procedure for having Axie Infinity in both operating systems.

    On Windows computers

    To download Axie Infinity on your Windows computer, you need to enter the game's official page and download the installer. Then you need to extract a ZIP file and open the settings to proceed with the installation of Axie Infinity.

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    When you complete the process, devi alone enter with your login details in the Mavis Hub game client.

    With Mac devices

    download the game from a Mac device , open the Axie Infinity official website from there. There you will see the option to install the game.

    A DMG file must be opened and the Mavis Hub game client must attach it to the Applications folder. This way you only have to log into Axie Infinity by entering your details.

    What is the correct procedure for downloading and accessing Axie from an Android mobile?

    To have Axie Infinity on your Android mobile device, the first thing you need to do is go to the official platform and download the APK file. The truth is very simple because once you are on the game page devi alone press the "Play now" button, that you can find in the menu,

    Once the options appear, select the one that says "Android". Subsequently, you can choose to open the game or install it on your device . By choosing the option you prefer you will already be able to access the game.

    How can I download Axie Infinity on my iOS devices like iPhone or iPad?

    If you want to have Axie Infinity on an iOS device, you won't be able to get it in the App Store like most applications . The process begins when you have the TestFlight invitation.

    What you need to do is to enter the official Axie Infinity platform. In the menu bar you can find the "Play Now" button which you will click to bring up the iOS option.

    By selecting the option, candidates as a tester TestFlight to see if he accepts it . If you accept it, proceed to download the game in said application.

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    What do we need to be able to start playing Axie Infinity from the application?

    The first thing to start playing is to download Axie Infinity through the official platform. In turn, you need to have M installed etamask and create an account in it , which will help you manage cryptocurrencies and have a wallet.

    You must also have at least 3 aces to create your team. These can be bought very easily in the Marketplace.

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