How to download Disney Plus movies and series from my PC?

Whether you belong to this generation or the eldest, you surely know everything about Mickey Mouse and the universe around him. Most of the world's population has grown thanks to Disney movies and shows. This is why you can now find them on theirs streaming platform . And even better, you can download Disney Plus movies and series to watch whenever you want without the need for an internet connection.

How to download Disney Plus movies and series from my PC

Disney Plus is coming out a little bit behind with its streaming service compared to other pages. From today i industry greats such as Amazon and Netflix , were pioneers in putting your favorite shows just a click away.

However, Disney Plus has a great deal of content, as it has all the programming from Disney, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic, which made it very popular in a short time.

However, this doesn't remove the excitement you surely felt knowing that this possibility now exists with your childhood plans. The good thing is that they have all these example platforms and now they can just keep getting better.

All you need to keep in mind when downloading Disney Plus movies and series

Gone are the days when plan your schedules to watch your favorite series, record hours and hours of movies or download them from pirate sites.

Now, with Disney Plus you have the entire catalog at your disposal , from Snow White, the last one and all those who will come after. This is one of the main features that has positioned the channel in the lead despite its late arrival.

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Since then, these have had such a large amount of content of their own that you can find and download movies and series Disney Plus a left and right.

Unlike other platforms like Hulu or YouTube, Disney only owns its own content. Not like Netflix for example which, although it is true that they have been in charge of the production, their programming schedule depends a lot on the films already released.

In addition to using your computer, you can also enjoy Disney Plus from your Smart TV thanks to Google Chromecast devices.

Currently, the option to download Disney Plus movies and series directly to your computer is not available. However, if you download them to your mobile phone, you can transfer them to your PC and view them easily or even connect them to your TV . Remember that you can also enjoy this application for free for a week and then decide if you want to buy it.

Let the fun begin!

Once the application is installed on your Android or iPhone , you need to take into account the weight or size of the video in question. You should compare the weight with the available space, as you may not be able to store the file or other applications may be compromised.

To see it, in the application, go to your profile whose icon is at the bottom right and find the option "Settings" and " Download quality There you can see the different versions of a standard, medium or high quality that it must not exceed 1080 pixels .

  • To start downloading Disney Plus movies and series, once logged in, choose what you want to watch. Right next to the " + "you will find the symbol "Download".
  • If you want to watch a show with multiple seasons, you can choose individually chapter by chapter. Note that the download time varies depending on the data connection or the Wi-Fi access.
  • You will know that the download is in progress from the circle that goes around the icon. Once stopped, it will change to an icon representing that he is ready for viewing.
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Locate downloaded files

Your mobile system will save the download for free directly in one place. On the main page of the application, click on the downloads icon and you will be able to find your content library.

Since it is a paid Streamingo service, the number of users and screens that can be viewed at the same time is limited, which is why many users wonder how many people can watch Disney plus at the same time.

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