How to download images from a web page with Google Chrome

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Learn in a few steps how to download images from a web page with Google Chrome quite simply. Save a lot of time with all the options offered by the Google browser.

We can't deny that Chrome offers a large number of options when it comes to wanting to perform certain tasks like downloading all images from a web page. The famous extensions help us to add features and extra functionality to the Google browser.

How to download images from a web page with Google Chrome

There are extensions that once enabled you can use them to download all images from a web page and that is exactly what we will see now. You could also go one by one, although it is a rather slow process, especially when you have to download a considerable amount.

The extension is quite useful, simple from configuration and above all effective. So we will see what it is, how to download it and see in detail all the options it has.

Download all images from a website in Chrome

The first thing we will do is download a free extension so that we can download all the images we see on any website. This extension is called Download All Images.

As soon as you enter the Chrome extension store, simply click on the button that says " Add to Chrome "and wait a few seconds. Then it is automatically added to the browser and we can start using it.

Now you can see that the extension icon appears in the top right corner of the screen. Click on it to configure all the parameters and be able to download the images.

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After clicking on it, we'll go through what each of the options are for, so you can configure them to suit your needs:

  • File size : to set the size of the images you want to download, with a minimum and a maximum.
  • Dimensions: : in practice we have to indicate the pixels of the images we are looking for. Here we can adjust a minimum and maximum width, the same with the height.
  • Types of images : Select the format of the images you want to download. If you want them all you can choose " All images "if you want it to be downloaded only in JPG select JP (E) G images, etc.
  • Save in: in practice where all the images will be downloaded to your computer.

How to download all images from any website in Chrome

This way it is quite easy to get all images that you find on any website. The only thing it requires is a previous configuration and if the web page where the images are located has 10, 20, 500 images, then you can download them all without any kind of problem.

The Google Chrome extension is very simple to use, it may take some work to get used to at first, but you will quickly see that you can take advantage of it.

Download images from a website in Chrome

In case you wish download images from a site and don't want to use a file . You can do it "by hand" one by one, which may take longer, but is still quite effective.

For this you will simply have to search for the image you wish to download. Once you have the image in question, you will simply have to right-click on it.

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A new menu appears in which you will have to choose " Save image as "and then choose the location where you want to save the image. That would be in case you want to download a photo or image in Chrome without having to use extensions.

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