How to download, install and configure Hamachi Minecraft for my PC

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Hamachi is a well-known application, designed to facilitate the configuration of different virtual private networks, all this with the necessary capacity to carry out this task and with which you also have the possibility of establishing multiple connections directly between multiple computers.

Something important to take into consideration is the fact that each computer must be specifically under NAT firewall. This application is available for use by operating systems such as Linux, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X likewise, this one application it is very commonly used as a VPN.

Within this post, we want to tell you a little about the application and the different ways you can choose so that you can download Hamachi in its latest version, to be used in different situations.

Do you want to download Hamachi for Minecraft?

One of the best tools you can find to be able to play Minecraft , is to use Hamachi; Likewise, this tool can be downloaded directly from Hamachi's official page, where they will give you all the tools, tutorials and instructions you need to go through this process without any hassle. Thanks to Hamachi you can play with or without a friend in Minecraft, meaning that you can create a cross-platform in this game if you wish.

The installation of Hamachi for Minecraft begins

If the download process is done via the page, it is important to download a special Hamachi file, available for the vast majority of versions of Minecraft, which in total are 3 quite different

Once downloaded, we need to start by opening the section that says "Eula", where you can see that automatically, another notepad will open, where you will see some information that you need to delete right where it says " False "And then you can proceed to write the word " True ".

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Once finished you can proceed to save all the changes made and then exit the document. After this part, you have to start with the execution of some files, among them, the one that has the name " Minecraft_server.1.9 ", as it will start creating more files, which you will have the option to open in a Java window.

Within this window you will be able to see the percentages that correspond to the total time to finish this process. After seeing the word "Done", you will know that the server has already created everything successfully.

Once ready, the last file you need to name is the "Server" where you have to change various parameters that you will see reflected there, for example in the space that appears " online fashion " : you have to delete the word "true " And put " fake ".

As for the command "gamemode:" if we see that the number zero appears, it refers to survival mode and if we set it to 1, we are talking about creative mode.

Similarly, with this, you will have the ability to change the maximum number of people who will be able to enter your server, as the default mode is 20, however, with this, you can do the editing to your liking.

Similarly, in the part where "view-distance" comes out, it refers to the distance in terms of vision that each character has, usually it can be left at 10 which is the default view of each character, and the most recommended configuration, especially if your PC it has only the most normal resources.

On the other hand, there is also the hardcore mode, in which you can change and activate different functions by simply removing the word "fake" and changing it to "real".

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