How to download, install and update Netflix on a Chinese Smart TV

Watching a movie or series from the comfort of your home has become the most popular entertainment in the world today. Here because Netflix is ​​the most used application for its streaming technology which allows you to transmit continuous audiovisual files through an internet connection and simply by subscribing to it; You can visit the official Netflix page to download and install the app in case you don't have it and want to acquire an account.

Netflix is ​​a company that provides its service so that the user can enjoy both on computers, mobile devices and Smart TVs in real time through an internet connection, both wired and wireless, of various television programs, films, videos, series, including other things. Furthermore, only by having an account can you enjoy all the contents on various devices if you want.

Now, what if you've already acquired a Netflix account, but don't know how to download, install and update Netflix on a Chinese Smart TV? You just have to keep reading so that you learn how to do it. Also, it might be helpful to know if your Smart TV has Android, as it would allow you to enjoy content dedicated to this technology .

How to install Netflix on a Chinese Smart TV?

It should be noted that you need to have an active Netflix account so that you can enjoy all the content and then download the application to your Smart TV. To install Netflix on a Chinese Smart TV, the first thing to do is access the device store to download the app and verify that it is compatible.

After entering the store of your Smart TV you must locate the search engine option which is reflected more on a magnifying glass. Then you have to write the word "Netflix" then click on "search in the app" so that the store can do its job. The safest thing is that it will show you the app, once you are done with this step, click on the download or install option so that you can have it on your Smart TV.

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When installing the application on the Smart TV, what you need to do is log in with the data of the owner of the Netflix account , so that you can start and use the services provided by the application. Also, you can improve the HD, Full HD and 4k signal quality on a Smart TV to get better performance from your TV and enjoy your content with good definition.

Install and download the Netflix account

It should be clarified that the most Smart TVs don't have a store that allows you to download the applications you need to use. Therefore, concern arises among users about how to install and download a Netflix account on their Smart TV. Since getting an account in this application is cheap, easy and allows you to enjoy a large entertainment package for users.

In this sense, it will be useful to know how to download and install applications for Smart TV, as it will allow you to use various resources to complement your entertainment .

In case the store does not find the application or the Smart TV does not have a store, then it is necessary use your web browser to enter the official Netflix page . Then, from there, log in so you can use the application from your browser. It should be noted that the really important thing to use this app is to have a good internet connection.

What devices are compatible with Netflix?

Since there are Smart TVs that do not carry a store to download applications, there are also a series of devices that can be compatible with Netflix and it is good that you know, so that when you buy a device you have the knowledge and you can select the most suitable one convenient for you.

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Such equipment can be mentioned consoles, multimedia devices, Blu-Ray players, smartphones, tablets, computers, laptops, set-top boxes, among others.

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