How to download, install and update Windows 10 for free to the latest and latest version

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Updates provided by our computer system, in this case Windows, they are necessary to keep the equipment in good condition; This is why Microsoft is launching new versions, to the point that keeping Windows up to date on our computer is as important as having an antivirus installed, as it avoids technical problems.

Also, it is important that the latest version of Windows be updated, which would be the new version 20H2 , is downloaded from the official Microsoft website. For this reason, in the development of this article we will explain how to download and install the latest version of Windows and other interesting system details.

Windows 10 is an operating system developed by Microsoft, released to the public after several beta phases, in 2015, including services that facilitate receiving updates. The latest available option launched by Windows, it did in October 2020, with a trade name of the October 2020 update.

How can you easily download and install the latest version of Windows 10?

Of course, updating an original system shouldn't cause problems while downloading and installing it on your computer; rather, it is a totally quick and easy process. Microsoft support itself has been tasked with showing you a quick option to do this, but we'll also show you a second option that's just as quick.

The first option it is the one offered by Microsoft at the start of the update; You just have to go into "Start" of your Windows computer, and select "Settings" with the nut icon. Once there, go to the "Update & Security" option, where the "Windows Update" service is located, then "Check the updates".

When you select this option, your computer will automatically start searching for available versions to update Windows 10, so you can download it. If you have any problems downloading or installing on your computer, it is best to consult the "Update Wizard" of Microsoft.

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L'altra second option we mention to download the latest version is, go to the search engine to place Microsoft's official website. Once you get it, there is the "Download Software" option, where you can choose the new version of Windows 10, and to launch it you just have to click "Update Now".

After doing this and hitting Update, it will automatically start downloading a file with about 10MB of weight for your storage space, that you just need to perform. This update preparation and installation process is a bit slow for its weight, maybe 1GB, so you have to be patient and wait.

Once the process is complete, the same program will tell you that the computer needs to be restarted; But don't worry, this restart won't delete any of your files on it. Now, the reboot process is also a bit slow, depending on your computer's performance it may take 1 hour and 30 minutes or a little more.

At the end you can start enjoying the new features offered by the new version 20H2 , without any problem because it is a completely original program, be it Home or Pro. This is an update that has tried to improve the software and which will demonstrate complete quality, let's see what its characteristics are.

Features of the new version of Windows 10 20H2

This version was created and released to improve the stability and performance it can provide to users, and therefore repair errors and problems that would constantly show up. The first improvement you will see while using it is the start menu, with a neat, attractive and very modern presentation.

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This start will be attractive, because it has a smoother colored background with the rest of the options on the screen, these have a not very transparent color. This novelty in colors at first it makes images look larger and, at the same time, they look cleaner images.

Also, the browser it manages Windows 10 , Microsoft Edge, in this version has been improved with a novelty, Edge Chromium, which has better performance and compatibility on the web. In addition, notifications have gotten an improvement, they are now easier to understand, as the name and icon of the application are displayed.

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