How to download missing drivers on your Lapto or PC

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Surely, on some occasion you have had problems with the proper functioning of your laptop or PC. This is because you probably don't have all the updated drivers on your computer. Here you will learn how download missing drivers to your laptop or PC, in so you can get the most out of your computer.

How to download missing drivers to your laptop or PC

    That its drivers

    I driver oi controller are essential elements for the optimal functioning of all components of your computer . If a controller fails or has some kind of error, it is very likely that your laptop or PC accessories are malfunctioning.

    Drivers control the accessories di basis of your computer such as monitor, mouse and keyboard, USB ports and DVD drive, to additional accessories such as graphics card, speakers, printers, etc.

    Many times, most of these drivers are already installed in the operating system, but most of these are generic and outdated drivers, so you need to constantly update them.

    How to Download Missing Drivers to Your Laptop or PC with Device Manager

    There are many tools that Windows has for different circumstances and needs. And one of them is the Device Manager , what is allows you to see all the devices installed on your laptop or PC . It also allows you to check if the drivers are out of date and in this way you can download the missing drivers on your Laptop or PC. You just have to follow the following steps:

    • On laptop or PC, right click on the Windows symbol and select the Device Manager option
    • Once this is done, a window will appear where you will see all the devices installed on the computer. If a yellow triangle appears under one of these devices, it means that the driver needs to be updated.
    • To update it, you just need to right click on said driver and select the option Update Driver . A window will appear where you can decide if you want Windows to update it automatically (recommended) and wait for the download to finish.
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    Other alternatives

    If you have already tried Device Manager and still cannot update your drivers, there are currently several programs that will help us to updating drivers in windows in a much easier way. In this way we will make sure that everything works correctly, and we will avoid the various problems with our equipment, and the annoying blue screens.

    Today there are many programs of this type, most have a free version, while others are paid and need a premium subscription, but its free version is more than enough to keep updated the drivers of our PC .

    Driver booster pro

    It is considered to be one of the best programs for updating drivers and it is compatible with all versions of Windows.

    Driver Booster Pro is a practical and useful tool that we can use allows you to update all drivers and drivers of our equipment, be it audio, video or any other connected device. This way we will avoid problems with the performance of our PC or laptop.

    This program allows us to scan all previously installed old drivers and automatically install the necessary update. It also has tools that allow us to always have the equipment in optimal conditions.

    After downloading and installing it, Driver Booster Pro will automatically scan your PC and all its components looking for outdated drivers and update them with the newest ones. It is scheduled to create restore points every time a new update is installed.

    This way, you can revert to the previous state, in case you have problems with the new update. To use it we just have to do the following:

    • Already downloaded and installed we run it and press where it says analyze
    • The program will start scanning your PC and all installed devices for obsolete or outdated drivers.
    • After the analysis, it will show us all the devices that need to be updated and we will click Update All.
    • After that, a process will begin which may take a few minutes depending on your internet connection, PC performance and number of drivers to download.
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    Without a doubt, if you use Driver booster pro , you can have optimal and 100% updated equipment. Something important you should know is that you can save your PC's drivers before formatting your operating system.

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