How to download or download Pokemon Duel Apk for my android phone or cellphone

For many people, relive nostalgic moments of their childhood is very important. This is because this is how people can stay true to their identity and remember who they are and where they come from. This is why many fans have seen PokemonDuel release for mobile devices with nostalgia, as it reminds them of the best moments of their childhood playing Pokémon games. If you are one of these fans, today we will teach you how to download this game.

It is important to remember that Pokémon Duel is no longer available in the Playstore, so we will show you another option in so you can get it. First, we will tell you about the game and how it is played.

What is Pokémon? What is Pokémon about?

Pokémon is a game created by GameFreak , a Japanese company that creates games and is a subsidiary of Nintendo. In this video game, the presence of common animals we know is eliminated and Pokémon are introduced. These are very special beings and have characteristics that differentiate them between each species of Pokémon.

First, the Pokémon they can be of different types , which we can usually denote by one's own name. For example, a water pokemon is Squirtle. His name is composed of the word play Squirt, which in English means jet of water. and turtle, which means turtle in the same language. Under this, we can assume that it is a Water-type Pokémon.

The type of pokémon it can be very varied , and this is usually related to a natural look. For example, there are Ground-type, Ground-type, Rock, Fire, and even Ice-type Pokémon. If you wish, you can even catch Ghost and Psychic-type Pokémon.

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This game mode was replicated in several installments of the franchise. However, there is a title that differs from the others, and that tries to follow in the footsteps left by the Pokémon Trade Cards, or TGC for its acronym in English.

What are Pokémon cards? What is Pokémon Duel?

These cards are cardboard cards on which different types of Pokémon are printed and the specific characteristics of each. For example, each card can be special, as each contains a series of specific movements. Other than that, there are some that are special editions and, as they are only created once, they are in great demand.

If you are familiar with Parcheesi , you will know that they give you some tokens that you have to move to your enemy's base. In this case it is the same concept, except that instead of tokens you receive 6 pokémon cards, each of which has a series of specific aspects that influence the development of the game. This has a single player or two player mode.

pokemon dueling shares many technical components with his brother Pokémon Go , so if you want to know if it can work on your phone, it is important that you learn what are the minimum requirements to be able to install Pokémon Go, which in turn are the same as those of Pokémon Duel.

Another game we recommend, which takes place in the same universe , is Pokémon Café Mix. This can be installed for free for PC, Android and Swtich. This is a complicated game, so you need to have some experience to be able to play and enjoy the game properly.

Is Pokémon Duel on the Google Play Store? Where can I legally download it?

This is a question that many fans are asking. However, and we are sorry to inform you, Pokémon Duel's online service was shut down in 2019. This was terrible news, as the game had a large number of players around the world.

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However, if you want to keep playing it, many people have come up with a special way to download it without breaking any rules, fairly and lawfully.

It turns out that there is a special website called APK Mirror, which is responsible for creating a catalog mirror available in the Google Playstore . If you want to download Pokémon Duel, you can do so via its website. Before downloading the game, you need to make sure that your phone allows the installation of APKs installed from unknown sites.

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