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The application WhatsApp Messenger has amazing benefits, being the most popular instant messaging application in the world. WhatsApp gives you the opportunity to export your chats to read conversations, view photos and listen to audio that you have sent or received from your friends or family at any time.

If you switch phones and want to keep your chats, you can download and save your conversations on your PC to see them as many times as you want. Also, if you want to improve the performance of your phone and you need to delete conversations because you have noticed that your WhatsApp photos, files and videos take up a lot of space on your mobile, this option is ideal.

You will be able to export your chats without any complications or any kind of tangle. This tool is usable. If you want to know this wonderful tool, we are here to let you learn with a few simple steps to use it.

    How to save WhatsApp conversations in PDF?

    It is recommended for both legal and commercial purposes to export a chat in this PDF format, as the PDF document it's a more presentable file than multiple screenshots of a WhatsApp conversation.

    On top of that after exporting, if you review the PDF document you will see that it has the information in much more detail, such as the date and time of each message.

    Exporting the WhatsApp conversation to PDF file can be done as follows:

    -Through our mobile, we will open WhatsApp and we will insert the conversation we want to export.

    -At the top of the conversation, we find the name of the person with whom the chat is taking place, on the right side of the call icon, we will find three points that indicate more options.

    - A mini window will appear offering us options, we will click on "More" and then select the option "Export chat".

    -After selecting this option, a window will appear where we can export the chat to any other application, in this case we will select the Gmail application or any other email app you use.

    -Once inside the Gmail application, we will place our email in the destination in so that the email reaches us.

    -When the email has arrived, we will open it and we can see that the export of the WhatsApp chat it will be in .TXT format

    -If we open the email via a computer, we can download the export file and open it via Microsoft Word.

    - Opening it, we can see that the information of export with date and time of each message made will be found in detail .

    -Following this within Microsoft Word we will go to File, then to Save As, we will put the name we want to the file and in the Type section we will select the PDF category.

    -If you are on your mobile, you can also download the .TXT file, so check that you have a document application that can open files of all kinds, in this case some phones contain the application called WPS Office.

    -If your phone does not have this application, you can download it via the app store, once downloaded, we will open the .TXT file with WPS Office or any app that opens these types of documents.

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    -When we open the file, we can view the information, then go to Tools and convert the file extension to PDF.

    Learn to store WhatsApp chats and send them by email

    It is important that if you don't want to lose your WhatsApp conversations, you have a backup of them, not just a backup, but also a digital copy of the chats which can be previewed, we can do it in a .TXT file as follows:

    -We open the WhatsApp chat that we want to memorize, this one it can be an individual chat or a group of several people.

    -Select the button with the three dots and go to the 'More' option.

    - We will go to the option "Export chat", then in the next window select the Gmail application or any mail app.

    -Before we send the chat message history by email, we will have an option where we can add the multimedia, if we don't want the multimedia we can store more than 40.000 text messages, if you want to save the multimedia there will be 10.000 messages that can be stored.

    - In the mail destination address, we will enter our e-mail address, then we will send the chat report to ourselves.

    - Once done, you can download the file in .TXT and view it via your phone or PC.

    Backup of WhatsApp chats - Learn step by step

    Since 2018, WhatsApp has implemented a measure in the chat section, this measure is that after spending a year of conversations in a group or individual chat, the application will not store any type of information.

    For this reason it is even more important to have a backup like i WhatsApp backup, these can be done easily with Google Drive, archiving images as old conversations.

    make backup copies of WhatsApp you have to activate this option as follows:

    -In the WhatsApp application, in the main part of the application, we will click on the three-dot menu located on the right side of the screen.

    -In this mini window, we will go to the section 'Settings'.

    -In the Settings section, we will go to the Chat section and then to the option 'Backup copies'.

    -So being inside the Backup Settings, we can select options such as making a copy locally or in the Google Drive cloud, this is where we will make the copy so as not to take up space in the storage memory of our device.

    -After selecting the option to make a backup copy in Google Drive, finally we will confirm in the 'Save' option and we will let the application finish making the copy.

    -To avoid having to always manually perform this process, we can also select that WhatsApp automatically make backup copies, this option can be activated in "Google Drive Settings".

    -There are options to make copies on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you can choose the one that's right for you, likewise if you want to make these copies via mobile data or WiFi connection, save media files such as images or videos, etc.

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    -In addition, whenever you want to start your WhatsApp session on a new phone, simply by restoring the backup copy of Google Drive in the application, you will have all the information newer and older than you had.

    Easily transfer your conversations from Android and iOS to any computer

    When we usually switch devices between Android and iOS systems, we can find situations that many of the times we are not expected to find, among these situations the message history in WhatsApp conversations.

    When you switch phones between Android devices, it is normal that when we download the WhatsApp application, the simple download of the backup copy will recover our messages and conversations, the same between iOS devices, but between android and ios it does not work the same form.

    This happens since iOS doesn't take some files and extensions from Android in its operating system, also iOS does not work with Google Drive, but with an application called iCloud, so the situation is complicated when the application is passed with its data to the new phone.

    In these cases, the only options we can explore to find a solution are through third party applications, as these may allow us to move all WhatsApp conversations to the new phone, which in this case is an iPhone, the following application can give us this solution:

    Tenorshare Whatsapp Transfer

    This app could offer us the solution for transfer all conversations and files of images, videos, documents and other attachments of our WhatsApp application, in this case from Android to iPhone.

    To use this application, we download it to our computer and we connect the device to which the WhatsApp file, we select a backup that will be transferred and follow the rest of the steps indicated by the program, it is easy and intuitive to use. .

    Why is it important to export WhatsApp chats?

    There are times when we find ourselves in a difficult situation. If we have our chats on our computer It will not be a problem. This will help us get a picture or conversation in which something important has been said to us and which for various reasons is no longer on our mobile.

    Storing chats on your computer is flattering. The solution to protect any important conversation that gets valuable information is to back up your messages via a backup which will help you export even the oldest conversation.

    If you save your conversations you can be supported, first of all, perhaps in a work, study or personal situation, so we want to make you understand why exporting your WhatsApp chats turns out to be a very convenient option for you. Likewise, if you want to free up space and improve performance of your phone, exporting benefits you.

    Steps to export a chat from your mobile to your PC

    To export your chats, enter your WhatsApp and select the chat you want to download to bring it to your computer.

    Open the chat and go to the three points that are in the upper right part and choose the "Export chat" option and if you want to save images, documents, audio choose the "Include files" option and if you just want to export the conversations nothing more choose the "No file" option.

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    You have to wait seconds for the applications where you intend to send, share or export your chat to appear. They will show you a variety of applications, such as Telegram, Gmail, Save to Drive, among others.

    We chose Gmail. A body of the email it comes in is automatically created view the complete chat, including any messages, photos, audios, videos, and more that you have exchanged with that person.

    Then we insert the e-mail in which we are going to export. This will take a few minutes to arrive. The time depends on the number of files that have been exported. When you arrive, you just need to download so that these files are stored on your PC.

    Steps to export more than one chat from your mobile to your PC

    Log into your WhatsApp Messenger and go to the top right menu and click on "Settings" and then on "Chat" . At the bottom you will find the "Export chat" option.

    Click "Export Chat" and select the conversations you want to export. They will give you two options which are: include photos, videos or audio or if you want to export a chat that includes only messages.

    They show you applications so you can choose where you want to share chats exported. We chose gmail, so our conversations will be uploaded to an email. Then write the email address where you want these chats to go.

    If your conversations contain media files, this will be delayed as the mail will be heavy. On the other hand, if your chat only includes messages, it will be quicker to arrive. In the end, download the files that have arrived so that they occupy a place on your PC.

    You will be able to archive your conversations in Gmail. It's great to have tests and conversations , maybe old, but deciding to export them will prove to be a smart decision to use in any situation you come across as you will be able to access your content whenever you need it.

    How to export WhatsApp messages and read them everywhere?

    In the event that our phone may be lost or damaged, it will always be important to have the conversations we have on WhatsApp nearby, for this the function of exporting messages it can be a great tool.

    You simply have to follow these steps to be able to export a WhatsApp chat:

    - To export we must be inside the conversation we want to memorize, once inside, we will go to the three point option located at the top right of the screen.

    -Then we will select "Other" and click on the option "Export chat", then we will select whether or not we want to include multimedia content such as images, videos, gifs, etc.

    -The last step is where we want to send or save this chat export, our phone will offer us various options such as sending to another WhatsApp chat, another messaging app like Telegram, Gmail, Discord, via Bluetooth, etc.

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