How to download or update YoWhatsapp to the latest version available for Android?

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Through this section you I will teach like download or update YoWhatsapp to the latest version for mobile phones with Android operating system.

How to download or update YOWhatsApp to the latest version available for Android?

Currently the WhatsApp MOD called YoWhatsapp is one of the most popular for those users who want to use WhatsApp in a modified way. There is already a way to pay and collect money using WhatsApp Pay or pay or send money via WhatsApp to a friend, hence why MODS could not be used.

Since it offers the possibility of make endless changes to the application, change colors, change privacy, among many others.

This type of application cannot be found in the Play Store, but it is not an impediment to becoming a favorite among users.

For this reason, I come to teach you through this article to download or update YoWhatsapp to the latest version.

    Download YoWhatsapp

    Before teaching you how to download or update YoWhatsapp to the latest version, I must remind you that this is not an application that you can find in the Play Store.

    As this is an unofficial application, so to download it is need to download the APK to then perform the installation.

    So I recommend that you download directly from your mobile, although you can also use your computer, as the process is the same.

    Use your favorite browser, enter the search engine and type " YoWhatsapp 2020 ", you can choose any of the available options.

    Enter the site and download the APK. Now install the APK on your Android device and that's it. This way you can enjoy YoWhatsapp on your mobile.

    In case of running the process on your computer, you need to transfer the APK file to your mobile and then run the installation on it. After that, you just have to enter your details the same way WhatsApp application .

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    First time you install an APK

    If this is your first time installing an APK on your device, you need to make a configuration change.

    You must select " Settings "or" Configuration ", then you must select" Safety "and activate the box" Unknown origin ". Now you can install APK on your device.

    Update YoWhatsapp to the latest version

    As you already know, YoWhatsapp is a modification of the WhatsApp application, it is not an official version and therefore you cannot update via the Play Store.

    So to do the MOD update you need to go through the process manually, so you need to do it in the following way.

    You have to start the application on your mobile and in the main window you have to select the " 3 points "which are located at the top right.

    Then in the small box that appears you have to select " Settings ", in the new window select" Updates " and then " Check for updates ".

    In case an available app update is found, it will notify you to update. By accepting, you will automatically update.

    By performing these processes you can download or update YoWhatsapp to the latest version, so that you can enjoy this wonderful MOD.

    The benefits of using YoWhatsapp

    There are many favorable reasons to use YoWhatsapp up to the latest version, as each update improves the ability to customize the aesthetics with different themes.

    You can add new and better emojis with which you can express yourself in a better way. Improvement in the privacy section .

    Also, using this WhatsApp MOD you have the possibility to use 3 different phone numbers. Therefore, it will not be necessary to have two or three phones to use multiple WhatsApp.

    Perhaps these are some of the reasons why many users use YoWhatsapp, without commenting on other benefits that you will realize when using it, as it offers many additional options that the official version does not have.

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