How To Download The Most Exclusive Apple Wallpapers - Don't Miss It

The new mobile devices that are coming to the market require a large number of functions, which allow them to show all their attributes. Among them, we can mention those that are related to the visual aspect.

It is that wallpapers, as well as animations, are one of the features that attracts the most attention, of all who can enjoy these devices, you can even create your own wallpapers for your device. But for this occasion we will show you how to download the most exclusive apple wallpapers, don't miss them.

How To Download The Most Exclusive Apple Wallpapers - Don't Miss It

It's just that, with each launch of these coveted mobile devices, users can't wait to discover the new features they offer. There is no doubt that what most grabs the attention of the millions who are waiting for a new installment, is knowing their backgrounds. Be prepared so you know how to download the most exclusive apple wallpapers , since you may want to change the wallpaper of your Macbook, iPhone, iPod, among other equipment.

In the following tutorial we will explain the steps you need to follow in order to download the most exclusive Apple wallpapers . Without complications and using the help of an application, we will be able to enjoy the latest wallpapers and animations of this well-known brand on our mobile.

    How to download the most exclusive Apple wallpapers

    As we have already said, we will make use of a great application that you can download for free and very easily from the App Store. This App is called up in live after downloading it you need to install it on your mobile device.

    You will also have to download another application called iCloud to your mobile phone, to download it you can do it via this link. To do this, copy the link and paste it into your iPhone's search engine, when the iCloud screen appears, you need to press the blue button with the name Download.

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    Once this is done, a new screen will appear and you will have to select Download again, now you have to wait for the file to download. At the end of the download it will show us another window and we have to select the Other option. When you click on this option, a box with several options is displayed.

    And in this window we will select the option Add to the notes, when you do this another window appears and this time we will press the Save button. Once this is done, we can no longer leave and will search our main menu and search for Notes. Let's open this section and we can see that we have added a new note.

    This new note will appear at the beginning and has the name iCloud, the we select to open it and when we do we will find a file, we will also open it. With that done, we will press the only option that seems to be able to see the wallpapers. You will find many, some static and some animated.

    Using the application to download wallpapers

    You will choose the one you like best so that you can download it and it is important that you know that you have to select the background which is the video. When you have the video you want to download you should go to the bottom left of the screen, press and a menu will appear. In it you need to select the option to save the video.

    Once this is done, we will exit and go to the application Live Wallpapers , we open it and then the video you previously selected will appear. Select it, it will appear in a new window and in it you will go to the top right, where you will find the Create button.

    When you do that, another window pops up with different options and choose No Repeat, then after a few seconds you will see two options and you need to choose Save Live Photo. It will be ready, now you have to look for it in the photo application and if you press it and leave it pressed it will start to show animation.

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    And so in this way you already have on your mobile all the wallpapers that the brand brings for your iPhone mobiles. And without complications you have learned to download the most exclusive Apple wallpapers. You may also be interested in How to Put Wallpaper Video on Your iPhone Easily.

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