How to download the Telegram APK without the Play Store step by step

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Telegram is an application that in recent years has been of relevance and competition for WhatsApp, because it is in a certain sense more open and has useful and less restrictive functions in terms of sending files and messaging, being preferred for people who want a fast alternative to messaging, although it has many features and functions that differentiate it from other messaging applications.

It may occur or present the situation where we have not downloaded the google play application or we cannot use it, in this way we can limit the access to the download applications and also limit ourselves when we want to download telegram, however there are download alternatives which makes it easier for us not to have the play store or external download.

    Differences between Telegram and Telegram APK

    First of all it is necessary to specify that it is Telegram APK. In summary, Telegram APK is the version proposed by the creator company for download from the PlayStore. In other words, you can download the Telegram APK without the need to use the PlayStore.

    The main difference between the two versions is that the Telegram APK version has fewer restrictions than the one found in the Play Store. This proposal was born with the awareness that Play Store apps must meet certain criteria. By publishing the APK separately, Telegram should not be bound by Google's policies.

    How to download Telegram

    You can get Telegram directly from the PlayStore, just enter the App, search for Telegram and download it normally. Obviously, this is for the normal version of the application, if you want the APK version of the application the process is different, don't worry, below we will show you how to officially get the Telegram APK.

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    Telegram APK free for Android

    This version of the App is completely free and is the best way to install Telegram without PlayStore . To download this version of the App, simply go to the official Telegram APK download site.

    Once you are on the site, click on 'Download Telegram', after which you will get the APK that you have to enter on your mobile and install .

    How to update the Telegram APK

    You shouldn't worry about updating the Telegram APK, as this version it is constantly and automatically updated . Of course, although in this guide we also show you other means of obtaining Telegram, it is best that you do so through the official means.

    How to download Telegram without Play Store?

    There are alternatives to your website's Play Store or Telegram APK for this, you have to install applications manually in our Android OS and although it is advisable to download the APK from the Telegram website, we will also show you how to do it without it.

    The first thing would be to search for a Telegram apk on the internet and make sure it is virus free, install the application manually it is less convenient than downloading it directly from the store but this gives us a fast and safe alternative to install the application.

    An APK (Android Application Package) is a unique Android package or format that compresses an application's files just like the .EXE extension would do on a computer or as it might even compress a .RAR file, being quite useful and less cumbersome than having the application folder on the mobile, it would be heavier and more complicated, being a means of extracting and installing Android .

      Install other applications with the same method

      In this way you will have already installed the Telegram application on your device , without having to use the Play Store, many times we opt for these means because the Play Store requires additional space when installing applications leaving us as an option to have to delete other applications or clean up the space inside the device, usually occurs like a Play Store error displaying more space than the app actually takes up.

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      This method it also works to install other android apps , it can be WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or some social network or messaging that we want to have installed on our mobile device, saving us from having to delete the required applications from the Play Store because it limits the space of the applications that you can have installed in the memory internal or external of our device.

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