How to download the Windows 10 ISO and install it on a PC from a bootable USB

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In the 20th century, technology has had a very important progress, man and his creativity have not stopped modernizing, creating all kinds of devices to make our life more comfortable, this can mainly be seen in electronic devices, who use the electricity as the main source of energy.

Electronic devices, through their electronic boards and circuits, have revolutionized our environment, bringing us household appliances, such as washing machines, coffee makers, ovens, etc. They have been integrated into our lives in such a way becoming inevitable, they are part of the quality of life.

It is also important to highlight those that are not only domestic, but also those that help men perform more complex tasks, these are telephones, televisions and one of the most important, computers, have been around for more than half a decade, they have had a great evolution and many versions, one of these companies is Microsoft and its Windows system.

What is Windows and how does it work?

It is a software system patented by Microsoft Corporation, this system hosts a package of programs, their goal is to help the user to carry out various activities in combination with other parts of the computer, such as the hard drive, RAM memory, and input devices.

Currently the system with which Microsoft works is provides updates to support is Windows 10, a system that has taken the best of Windows 7 and modernized it, is visually quite pleasing and has new applications, such as Cortana, with functions such as writing an email with voice commands, Microsoft Edge and redesigning applications such as the Windows Store, Alarms and Clock, etc.

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If you want to update Windows to modernize its interface or for new applications and functions, you can do it, it is not difficult to update our system operational, however these systems come in an ISO format and is a special format that works in other ways.

What are ISOs and how to download Windows 10 ISO?

An ISO file is a type of file designed to store an identical copy of an operating system by file, is used to make copies of CD, DVD or Blu-Ray, since they remain as a clone of the original file, although it is mainly used to make copies of any operating system.

The Windows 10 ISO can be obtained from Microsoft's official website , its installation process is like the installation menu of any software, but since the file is an ISO format, to install it you will need to burn the file to a drive, this can be done to USB, follow this article to know how to do it .

How to install Windows 10 with a USB

Equip or booting a USB drive is simple, there are programs that offer this type of service, however, some are not so intuitive and have a semi-complex process, but among them there is an option called YUMI, it is designed by Linux, focused on booting USB drives, below we will explain how it is done:

  • Let's download YUMI from its official page.
  • We run YUMI and select the USB drive to boot.
  • We select the system Windows 10.
  • We seek the ISO and load it into YUMI.
  • We check the box in which we will format our USB drive first, we accept and we will have our USB ready to install Windows 10.
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After preparing the USB drive, we will restart our computer, once started, with the F8 key or the corresponding one we will enter the boot menu of computer, we will select the USB option, hopefully it loads and the Windows installation menu will begin. 10, where we will do the following:

  • We select the language, time and keyboard type to use, also later we can configure the keyboard in Windows 10 to our liking.
  • We will click "Install now".
  • We will get the license option, but we can postpone it and continue with the installation, also we can activate Windows 10.
  • We select the version of Windows 10 we want.
  • We accept theirs terms of use.
  • We will have some options like updating the system without losing files or installing Windows only, let's choose what it is convenient for our case.
  • Then the installation will start, which will take a time of 10 minutes, the file will prepare to install the new Windows features and then it will finish, it is normal for the computer to restart a few times during the installation, then we will see the welcome wizard and after completing it we will have Windows 10 ready for use.
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