How to Download Twitter Videos to iPhone Cell Phone?

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Nothing can remain static in the world and even less if it is the technological world, evolution must be its premise. And this has been understood by the different applications that often try to include new functions for the satisfaction of their users. Next we will show you an interesting tutorial that will teach you how to download videos from twitter to iPhone mobile phone?

While it may not seem real, you can save on your own iPhone any video that you see on the social network Twitter . So that later you can share it with your friends through another social network or application. And it's a very easy method to perform and we assure you that once you learn it, you won't stop saving those cool videos you get on the platform.

The evolution of this social networks it's notable and although everyone does it, this one does it more regularly. And always try to include a new feature that will make your users be very satisfied with your service. We could see the same thing in the article on how to enter or activate the new night mode design in my Twitter account without major complications.

It should be made clear that methods for downloading content should always be used to download non-copyrighted content or content owned by us or by third parties, as long as we have their direct permission.

      How to Download Twitter Videos to iPhone Mobile?

      In the following tutorial we will show you what steps you have to take to be able to download videos from twitter to iphone . It is that social networks are flooded with a lot of multimedia material and this in particular we can find a lot of videos. And we wish we could save them to our mobile device, but we don't know how to do it.

      The only thing you should know is that it is not possible to carry out this procedure directly from the Twitter application on our mobile. To do this, we will use an application that will allow us to manage the download of the file in a very simple way. So that later we can pass it to the video library of our iPhone.

      The application we're going to use is called MyMedia File Manager and, like other iOS applications, you can download it for free from the App Store. After downloading and installing the App on your mobile device. We will enter it and go to the bottom left where there is a globe icon.

      We will click on it to open the browser option, in it we will write the following address, this is where we will download. Previously in the Twitter application we need to copy the Tweet link. For this we press on the tab located to the right of the Tweet and in the drop-down menu we will choose the option Share Tweet via and Copy link.

      Using tools to download Twitter videos to iPhone

      We will now go to the TWDown page and paste the link and then click the Download button. This action will generate several options and we will choose one of them. Now we will click on Download the file , giving us the ability to name the file. This will be saved directly to your MyMedia download folder.

      Now the next step will be to download it directly to our phone, to do this we will go to the folder located in the MyMedia application. We click on this folder and it will offer us several options, but we will select Save to Camera Roll . And in this simple way it will be saved without any problem on our mobile.

      As you can see, it is a very simple operation to perform and we will do it through the use of an application that is very simple but powerful in its results. You can do the same thing, not just with videos found on Twitter. It is very easy to use applications, when we fully understand how they work and can extract their full potential.

      And so we come to the end of another article, which as always offers you a guide to help you solve those problems that seem to have no solution. And without many inconveniences and in less time than it took you to read this article. You have learned how to download videos from twitter to iPhone mobile phone?

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