How to easily add or insert a PDF file into a Word document

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Files that are in PDF format are currently widely used in offices, universities or similar organizations; since both i PDF documents that Word are files that serve to store information useful. Also, although their applications are similar, their extensions are totally different, so it might be useful to know how to insert a PDF file into a Word document.

Furthermore, you will see that you will find information in PDF formats that will surely be very useful to you, and in case you need all the content that is in this file, you can always edit and convert a PDF file on your PC. So that you can edit and change the information when you need it.

    Versions of Word compatible with PDF files

    If we use one of the latest versions of Word, we can see the feasibility that is provided when you want to interact with the PDF format . But this has not always been the case, and we must know it since the dynamics of using Word will not be confined only to our personal computer.

    Even if it is true that the most archaic versions of Word are no longer practiced by users, there are still those who keep their preferences for use compared to the previous interface presentations to the most updated ones. From there, a riot of incompatibility can arise if we try to apply the same tools, benefits and functions that we use it in our favorite version of Word ; which usually refers to the most recent.

    Step 1

    The first thing you can do if you want to insert a PDF document into a Word file is to use the means provided by the Microsoft Word platform. As these have infinite methods to perform almost any requirement like attaching a PDF to Word document. At startup you need to open or enable the Word file where you will add the PDF .

    Step 2

    Next, you should go to the top of the toolbar and look for the section that says insert ; When you do this, you will see that different tools are displayed and you will find the text option as below screenshot shown.

    Step 3

    Also, in that box you need to identify the section that says subject and select it, you will notice that an interface and a file search box appears, go to and find the PDF file you want to insert into your Word document. Finally, you have to click the link file option , which is further down in the same box, this will allow you to open the PDF when you want or need to.

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    Given the recurrent need to attach a common text element, from PDF to Word, the parity relations between the two platforms; allows it, if it is the most recent versions of Word. Being Word, a writing and editing tool and PDF a reading tool; there is a recurring need to bring text from PDF to Word , usually short elements, i.e. fragments or citations.

    For this reason text transfer is possible under the plain text option, so that the content taken from the PDF is attached without problems and under Word's custom formatting settings. For this reason, the text can be appended to Word in a simple and direct way with a copy and paste; if it is a short element, it is also taken as a stock element.

    However, there is a limitation on the amount of content that can be transferred in this way. For this reason you have to do some extra steps, when you want to copy and paste, let's see how.

    Copy and paste the text

    We need to clarify that it is possible that you only want to add content present within a PDF element; without having to go or use the use of attaching content within the Word platform. For this we will do the following, we will open the file in PDF format, but under the Word presentation, for this we recommend the use of Word 2016 ; or, failing that, go to the Word 2013 interface.

    This way the content of the PDF will appear as editable text, from where you can copy and paste the text into an Office document. Which in this case will be Word, as the target platform. Word being in this particular, a platform for the transformation, linking and destination of PDF content.


    Within the Text section, we will click Insert, from where we will choose Object. Now we need to click on the Create from file option, then choose Account. At this point we have to search for the PDF file, being selected, we will click on Open. To close the process and make it effective, we just have to click on the acceptance box.

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    Image or screenshot

    In this particular case, this possibility is exploited for the need to insert complex elements such as arithmetic exercises that are contained within the PDF format. Its prolonged use is not recommended, since the image obtained and subsequently attached is difficult to change for the internal elements. Even having to go to photo editing platforms.

    For this reason, it is recommended that the image or screenshot be without text or, if present, it is not necessary to remove it. To start the process we need to take a screenshot, usando il comando "Windows + Shift + S" .

    Then we will click, using the left button and dragging on the area we want to copy or capture; this saves a draft-style image to the clipboard. Let's now refer to the Word interface, pressing the right mouse button and the segment in which you want to insert. We will choose the iconography of the image , within the paste options.

    Now you can make changes in terms of presentation and appearance. With the image highlighted, we will go to Format, where we can make the configurations and finalize the precise details so that it is as harmonious as possible.

    How to add a multipage PDF file in Word

    To this end we can move on to the previous elements, i.e. we can convert the PDF file into a Word element to read, using Word 2013 presentations on which you can attach the PDF content with all the extension you have, using the copy.

    You will not be able to make a copy of the content if the PDF file contains multiple pages to use. Therefore , even inserting it as an object is recommended and doable. To be able to add a multipage PDF file to Word.

    How to edit or read a PDF document while inserting it into Word

    It is possible to attach content from PDF to Word, in an easy way, however the option to edit and read PDF when inserted into Word will not be possible directly. But the fact remains that it is not possible, to this end, there is the possibility of do this by using Adobe Acrobat or, failing that, Adobe Reader.

    This interface will allow you to read or view PDF files. When you insert the PDF file, as an attachment in the Office interface, you can change the size in question represented by the element; but you will not be able to change it after it has been entered. Yup therefore makes it necessary to use the aforementioned tools , namely Adobe Reader or Acrobat.

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    Can I insert a PDF into Microsoft Word Web?

    In the particular case of Word Web, it will not be possible to insert objects, in this case a PDF element within a text being processed, that is a document. However, editing the PDF element is possible in the Word web tool. This will allow the option to copy and paste text or content in a Word file or, failing that, update the content of the PDF.

    It should be clarified that when the PDF is opened in the Word Web platform, it becomes or appears as if it were a common Word element. However, a torturous restructuring of PDF content is possible since conversion can generate sudden page breaks , as well as dispersion of the text.

    Therefore, a conversion of PDF files which are mainly text is recommended. Or that have as few iconographic or similar elements as possible.

    Other ways to insert a PDF into Word

    Although the above way is the easiest and safest way you will find to save a PDF to a Word document, if what you need is to store only a part of the PDF file, you will need to go through another procedure. The first thing is open the PDF and search for the information you need to save , then you will make a silkscreen, i.e. a picture of what your computer sees.

    To do it press Alt + Print Screen on your keyboard and to paste it into your Word document, you will simply have to to press paste or fail (Ctrl + V). You will notice that it will be pasted as an image in your Word file and thus you can save specific parts or segments of the PDF without having to archive them completely and you can save space.

    On the other hand, you can also have other options to capture images and attach them to Word document; as there are currently software that allows you to do this.

    An example of this is lightshot that when you install it on your computer you will see that it is a tool that you can use as if it were a screenshot of your smartphone, since it works in a very similar way and will allow you to change all the characteristics of the image if necessary.

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