How to easily change my Twitter username and profile

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Twitter is one of the most important platforms on the Internet, it is one of social networks most used today along with Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. If you are wondering how to easily change my Twitter username and profile, read this information carefully.

How to easily change my Twitter username and profile

It is very possible that you created your Twitter account a long time ago, the truth is that our personality changes over the years. Understanding this, if you are interested to change username and profile on Twitter, you should know that it is possible and here you will learn how.

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      How to easily change my Twitter username and profile

      Personalization is undoubtedly something very important in the world of social networks. Indeed these uses and these pages are the perfect space to express our thoughts and ideas, in other words it is an extension of our own personality.

      Luckily, platforms like Twitter allow you to make radical changes, like changing your profile picture, changing the information in your bio, or even changing your username on the platform.

      If what you want is to change yours username on Twitter, don't worry, it's a very simple process, even easy for the most beginners. For this reason, if you don't like your old User Name anymore, you can change it and also add a symbol to your Twitter alias.

      Please read the following information carefully to change your username

        After the previous procedure you will have successfully changed your username, remember that to access you must do it with the new user you created.

        Edit your profile information (timeline)

        If instead what you want is to modify the information on your Twitter profile , the procedure is slightly different. In any case, it is also very simple and you just have to follow the steps that we will indicate below:

          After completing the previous process, you will have new information in your profile that is more in line with your current vision. Just like you can change these options, Twitter allows you to almost entirely customize your website. Also remember that you can read our Miracomosehace tutorials to learn more about social network.

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