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- smart phone they have become great allies in communication and entertainment. However, the multimedia exchange and the constant updating of applications put a strain on the storage of devices, slowing down their operation and reducing their ability to the memory .

Internal memory a constant problem

Each generation of mobile devices usually integrates an expansion into the internal memory . However, it does not always offer the user the possibility of having enough space to store multimedia content and trendy applications.

These uncomfortable and boring situations may be due to the fact that photos, videos and applications are becoming more and more more large. The most affected are usually users of low-mid-range phones. In such cases, it is recommended to move the files from the internal memory to the SD card.

Looking for alternatives for your storage space

Users of different mobile devices try to mitigate the impact on internal storage management by using Micro SD memories as a complement to your phone .

This option was set as the most common and effective to optimize the operation of the device. However, the problem of saturating the phone's memory through frequent applications would continue to cause inconvenience to the user.

WhatsApp storage

WhatsApp ranks as one of the main most used instant messaging applications . Being a leader in its specialty, with millions of downloads it is a favorite in the field of communication.

The efficient service in its messages, the security it provides to users and the ability to share multimedia content, correspond to the preferred features that this application provides to its users.

If you keep several chats active, including groups where an exchange of frequent content and extended, the device memory is likely to be affected and operation slows down.

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Easily solve your problem

Thanks to the customizable nature of this application, you can choose how you want all content to be saved without congesting the your smartphone.

  • Micro SD : As mentioned above, having the external micro SD memory available has been of vital importance for many users. To do this, you need to change the WhatsApp settings and choose the option that the content be stored on the external memory.

There is no direct way to change the storage of multimedia content on the WhatsApp platform, so you will need to enter the Application Store of your mobile device and perform the configuration From it.

  • WhatsApp file on SD : this is an application that will allow you to effectively copy, move or delete WhatsApp files in your internal memory. The app has an intuitive and easy to use interface. It is a good option to save space on the internal memory.

FolderMount : if your mobile device is rootato , this application is a good alternative. Its function is to automatically move all the files you receive to your micro SD card.

  • From your phone: A much more direct option, without downloading applications, is to enter the settings of your mobile device. For this you must:
  • Access the settings section of your mobile.
  • Access to storage space.
  • If you have already installed your external micro SD memory, two memory graphs should appear.
  • Mark your micro SD as the default storage destination.

An alternative method, if the previous one was not efficient, would be to migrate or move the complete application from the internal memory to the SD card.

Ask for more

If you want that il multimedia content is not visible in your gallery , WhatsApp has a useful alternative. By following these steps, the content you download from WhatsApp will continue to consume space in your memory, but will not be reflected in the gallery.

  • Access the settings section of WhatsApp .
  • Click on the Chat option.
  • In the Chat Settings part, turn off the visibility of media files. In this way, all images and videos received from WhatsApp will not be visible in the device gallery.
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Likewise, you can learn how to delete WhatsApp files saved on my mobile to free up space from our website easily and efficiently.

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