How to easily create a WhatsApp link or link for Facebook

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It is becoming more and more common to find that born applications separate, try to unite and create indestructible bonds. This is the case with instant messaging apps like WhatsApp and world famous Facebook.

It is that there are now applications like many others looking for a way to unite and strengthen themselves to attract more followers. It is for this reason that in this article we will show you how to easily create a whatsapp link for facebook.

How to easily create a WhatsApp link or link for Facebook

It is that without a doubt WhatsApp has become the favorite application of the users and you will always find it in the favorite place on their mobile phones. Perhaps this is due to the great simplicity in responding and without the need for it to be part of your contacts. This application has many pros and almost no cons.

On the other hand, Facebook is a social network that also enjoys great popularity and is used almost with the same frequency as WhatsApp.

But it doesn't have that immediacy that the messaging application enjoys. At the moment alliances are forming to become even stronger and that is why we explain to you how to easily create a link or link whatsapp for facebook.

    How to easily create a WhatsApp link or link for Facebook

    With the following method that we will teach you to use, you will be able to create a link or WhatsApp link for Facebook. But you can also do it with any other social network, it is a very simple method to apply. So read on so that you learn the steps you should follow and can share it with your friends.

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    create a WhatsApp link or a Facebook link , we will use an amazing application that you can use directly from a page, the best thing is that it is completely free. It is a generator to create public WhatsApp links.

    To start we must go to the link, being there we will have to enter some data, first we must enter your mobile number. But before entering the number you need to enter your country code. If you don't know your country number, it shows you a link here so you can find it.

    Then you have to write a personalized message, because when they contact you, you can write whatever you want, remember that it will be according to your interests. If you can see on the right side of the screen a mobile phone appears with the message you are typing. It is similar to when you write a message on WhatsApp to send it.

    The next thing you should do is create a clip on the blue button, Generate Link. Next you will be shown the link and you will need to create a clip on the green button that says Copy Link. But if you can set the link very long and it wouldn't seem very elegant to send such a long link, that's why we want to suggest that you learn how to use a link shortener.

    Use of link or link shortener

    In the following link you can access the page and this is called Bit Links is a link shortener and offers a free version. When you enter it, you will find the Create option at the top right. You need to create a clip and a box will appear, there you will attach your link and your new shortened link will appear automatically.

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    The last thing you will do is create a clip on the Copy button at the top. And in this way you will have created a Link or WhatsApp link for Facebook. And this link can also be used for other social networks or applications. It is very useful if you are offering a product or service.

    You see how easy it is to use the free tools offered on the web to solve those problems that seem difficult to solve. And with this tutorial you have learned how to use two very useful pages and you have also learned to easily create a WhatsApp link for Facebook.

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