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Facebook is a big popular social network, in the world of these platforms this is noteworthy, because it has grown a lot and there are still users who join this platform every day , among its mobile versions it is important that you know the difference between Facebook and Facebook Lite and which one is the best. Of course, this varies according to our interests.

Facebook is very popular in all over the world, and has a long history, not months but years until it became a part of the lives of many users, and most importantly, it has many tools for users with different interests.

It is important that you are connected to a Wifi network for its use. Otherwise, you can always save mobile data on your mobile using Facebook.

Within its tools there is a great variety of entertainment for users and of course to capture more with the innovations that are coming out and one of them is the creation of a summary video of the year , which here we will show you how it is done.

How to Make a Facebook Summary Video - Steps

It is normal that at the end of the year we want to get a small summary of everything that happened on our Facebook for the year, the most important publications we have had and which often go hand in hand with special moments for each and the Il social networks Facebook offers the possibility of this excellent summary.

The first thing to do is go to the Facebook search bar , enter year in review and we will proceed to search there, the option should appear, it is always advisable to be guided by the first search, as there may be fakes and that is not what we want.

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That way your video should already appear there as long as Facebook has generated it for you, but you have to remember that this option comes out on or around December 10, if it doesn't appear, it may not be generated for you yet. But if that's the case, if it appears from there, you can share it with your entire community of Facebook and they too are part of it.

How to edit Facebook summary video

We are not always satisfied with the version of the video that the platform throws us and for this reason we want to make some changes in some way. It might be the case that there are some publications that you don't want to appear again on your profile or you just don't want them to be seen because you don't like them, so you can edit them.

The first thing you should do is choose another profile photo from the ones you have already published, the next step would be the one that interests us the most and it is replace publications. For this option you have to click to replace which appears below the clear post as long as you are already in the video.

This way you can choose the posts and the next step would be to replace the friends that appear in the posts, in case you don't want this person to appear, click on mark another person and click who if you want it to appear on your video.

Finally, once you have it all, click to share your video , since you have the version you actually made.

Video on Facebook

Previously, Facebook did not have so much entertainment, the main thing was always the profile photo and the publications you published of photographs, then with many implementations the joke videos, tutorials, promotions occurred in a large part of this platform , with the content varies a lot.

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These options attract a lot of users' attention, there is even the possibility of downloading videos from Facebook, for be able to access it much easier from our gallery. And just like you can download, you can also use tools to quickly upload videos to Facebook.

Since now we all have a mobile phone and also social networks, the ideal is learn to use them to the fullest and even more so when it comes to videos because they are visually appealing. And in the case of Facebook, these can be monetized.

Likewise, we don't really know if we need to make something known through a video or if we don't take into account the importance they have.

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